7 Clear Signs that Tell You It’s Time to Update Your Website

A website can leave a lasting impression on your audience. This is especially true when visitors stumble upon your site, only to find that it’s incredibly out of date. Or maybe it simply lacks the modern functionality that you need to keep up with client’s needs.

Website issues like these can steer traffic away from your business and reduce the volume of leads you gather from online traffic. If you’re wondering if it’s time to update your site, here are seven clear signs to look for.

7 clear signs you need to update your website


How a Website Can Impact Your Business

A website is like your business card – only way more impactful. A well-designed website can drive organic traffic, increase your reach, and develop leads to grow your business.

An outdated or poorly functioning site can leave just as much of a lasting impression. But instead of attracting business, you could be driving it away.

Indicators That It Might Be Time to Update Your Site

Overhauling your website with an internal team is a time-consuming task. Many businesses typically redo their entire site every 5 to 7 years.

Here are seven clear signs you should watch for to know when it might be time to update your site:

1. Your Site Isn’t Mobile Friendly

Did you know that mobile traffic accounts for over half of all internet traffic globally? This unprecedented volume of mobile internet users means that your site must be mobile-friendly.

An outdated site often lacks the responsive design that mobile-friendly sites have. If you notice that your site doesn’t function as well on mobile devices, it can be a clear sign that it’s time to overhaul it.

2. You’re Not Showing up in Search Rankings

If your competitors are constantly outranking you on search rankings, it might be time to update your site.

Good SEO isn’t just calculated with your on-page copy. Search engines will also ding your search ratings if your site loads slowly due to back-end infrastructure issues.

3. You’re Embarrassed to Show It to Clients

Another obvious sign that it’s time to redesign your website is when you find that you regularly divert clients from interacting with your site. If your site lacks the functionality or the aesthetics it needs to attract new traffic, you should consider updating it.

4. Your Site Has Security Weaknesses

In today’s age of cyberthreats, your site can’t afford to have any security weaknesses. Outdated sites are often the subject of cyberattacks because they lack the latest security infrastructure.

5. Updating Your Site Is Tedious

Adding fresh content to your site shouldn’t feel like an impossible chore. When trying to update pictures, copy, or even apps, you might feel like you’re fighting against technology. If you notice that you’re struggling with internal functionality when you’re trying to update your site, then it might be time to redo it.

6. Your Bounce Rate is Abnormally High

An increase in your site’s bounce rate can be an apparent sign that you should redo your site. Page loading speed, user interface, and website features all play a role in whether or not you’ll keep the attention of your audience.

7. You’re Not Hitting Those Traffic & Lead Goals

Websites should provide your business with a steady stream of traffic and sales leads. When this stream starts to trickle (or dry out altogether), you might need a website refresh to boost traffic to your site.

Increased your Business Value through Website Development

Your website can leave a lasting impression on potential customers. An outdated website is about more than just how it looks. From functionality to safety, keeping your website current and up-to-date is a requirement.

Contact us today if the time commitment of redeveloping your site seems overwhelming. A modern website will help your business to collect leads and drive profitability.  Our team of experts can lead your business and deliver a modern and efficient website that achieves these goals and more.