8 Benefits of Using WordPress for your Small Business Website

WordPress is a chameleon-like content management system that Lieberman Technologies uses to develop websites of varying complexities. WordPress has empowered us to deliver a more manageable, cost-effective website to our Evansville-area business clients.

Here are 8 reasons why we find WordPress so beneficial to small business owners around Evansville and the Tri-State area:


Open Source Software Under Constant Maintenance

What does that mean to a small business owner? Well, open source code means there are not licensing fees to pay to install, use, or upgrade your WordPress site. This doesn’t mean that the framework isn’t managed, however. WordPress is the most popular CMS used on the Internet today, boasting over 73 million sites built on WordPress.

Low Cost To Deploy

Not only is WordPress open source, it is also built on PHP, a free software scripting language and MySQL, a GPL licensed relational database. Because WordPress is a framework, many website development firms (a la Lieberman Technologies) utilize it to keep development costs lower for their customers.

WordPress is Easy to Use for Your Users and Editors

WordPress has a very clean and easy to use dashboard along with a simple WYSIWYG editor. I often use the reference “If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can create and edit content in WordPress.” You don’t have to see that gnarly HTML <“=/* jibberish if you don’t want to. There are also large online community forums that discuss WordPress. Chances are if you have a hurdle facing you in WordPress, someone has already jumped it and shared the steps.

Web-Based Web Design Software Built In

WordPress is administered from a web browser, so you can manage your site’s content from anywhere with an Internet connection. That includes your office PC, your laptop at home, your smartphone (Android and iPhone apps), and now even your tablets. No software to install. You just need your login URL, username, and password.

The Evolving Web Needs Flexible Web Software

WordPress is continually being improved and updated because it is open source and used by so many site owners. It adapts as the trends in the Internet and website management change. Major WordPress releases can be seen on the Wikipedia Page. We keep track of our customers’ sites and update them as needed, so you don’t have to watch the headlines.

WordPress Plugins and Themes are Expandable and Versatile

WordPress is a pluggable framework that allows website developers to extend the core functionality of WordPress. There are over 18,000 plugins listed on the WordPress.org Plugin Directory and more scattered throughout the web. Not only can you choose from the plugins here, but web developers can build customized solutions on the WordPress framework. Our Evansville Association of Realtors MLS plugin is a great example of a custom WordPress development.

User Engagement and Customer Interaction Built In

WordPress, at its core, promotes interaction with your audience via comments. There are also a plethora of plugins available that integrate with the various social media websites out there. This promotes your website as a means for your customers, and potential customers, to communicate with you; making you more available in the 24/7 nature of commerce today.

WordPress is Not Just A Blog

A lot of small business owners still have a preconceived notion that WordPress is “just a blog.” That couldn’t be any further from the truth. With the introduction of custom post types, WordPress is now a full-powered CMS that is configurable and customizable. It has great integration with other web products and boasts a powerful built in feature set that enables granular content control, where needed. WordPress has the power to manage websites of all sizes. WordPress is used to manage 15% of the world’s top 1 million websites.

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