A Quality Website Without the Custom-Built Price

Most businesses understand that they need a website to be competitive. However, there’s a big difference between an effective website and one just occupying space online. You can tell how employees feel about their company’s website just by what they say:

  • Our website is way out of date, just call me.
  • I don’t know what our web address is… do we even have a website?
  • Gosh, our website isn’t the best way to learn about this. Here is a brochure.
  • Our website is awesome! Here, check it out on your phone.

Quality website at a reasonable price

It can be challenging to get an effective business website up and running. Many small business owners opt to build their own site using a free or cheap website builder. Part of the attraction of such a site is the cheap web hosting that usually comes along with it. However, a site like that plops into “you get what you pay for” territory. The resulting website is often difficult to navigate, complicated to change, and does a poor job of representing your business. Your customers want a website that’s easy to use, even on a smartphone. Don’t let your website drive away business!

A Quality Website That’s Right On Target

For the business owner who wants to take control of their company’s online presence, Lieberman Technologies has developed the RightOnTarget website — an easy-to-use, easy-to-launch, web design solution created specifically for the small business owner. RightOnTarget addresses these common small business website concerns:

Make page mobile friendly pop-up on website

1. My Website Looks Ugly, I’m Afraid to Show it Off

Ugly websites are usually the result of not updating the design over time. What was current back in 1998 looks painfully dated now. Gradient backgrounds, flashing text, and parts that no longer work are unattractive to your customers. Using a smartphone to visit your site might trigger a giant pop-up that says “Make this webpage more readable on your phone.” However, if you had a way to update the graphics, change out the pictures, and make the whole thing look good on a phone, your perspective might change. Responsive web design is what we call it when your website looks good on a phone, tablet, laptop, or HD TV. We specialize in that and it is already included in the RightOnTarget website.

2. I’m Not Sure How to Keep My Website Secure

Out-of-date websites are what led to such newsworthy hacks as the Panama Papers and DDOS attacks like the one that brought down Netflix a few years ago. Vulnerabilities can take down a site very quickly and can damage your company’s reputation. With RightOnTarget, you don’t have to be a security expert to keep your website secure. As part of your RightOnTarget hosting package, we perform daily malware scans to identify possible vulnerabilities and promptly address them. You don’t have to even think about your web host. If anything happens that you need to know about, we’ll contact you and fill you in on the status and our plan of action.

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3. My Web Designer Is Holding Me and My Website Hostage

Free website builders can make it difficult to move your site to a new web hosting company. Some web designers view the websites they create as their own property, and won’t let their customers move them elsewhere! With a RightOnTarget website, you’ll be free to move your site to a new host. We build each RightOnTarget website on WordPress, the gold standard of content management systems. Nearly 75 million websites worldwide run on WordPress, including many national and international sites. We’re pretty confident you won’t want to leave us, but if you do, all of the content and design is yours to take with you. WordPress sites can move easily from web host to web host with very few issues. You’ll be able to easily train new users, control the look of your website, and take it with you to whatever web host you choose.

4. I Haven’t Updated My Website in Years

Many businesses had a great website a few years ago but now the phone number, staff, or entire company mission is wrong – and it’s so difficult to change content, they don’t bother. However, search engines like Google and Bing give higher rankings to websites that have fresh content, so it’s in your best interest to keep your site updated. We’ve designed RightOnTarget to make it easy to update content as often as necessary. Plus, you won’t have to wait for a web designer to update your company information. A RightOnTarget website has specially-designed areas that can be edited as easily as filling out a form.

RightOnTarget is the Website Designed for Your Business

Smart companies understand that a website is a 24-hour salesperson, representing them online.If you’re ready to move away from the do-it-yourself website builders and take your online marketing to another level, RightOnTarget can be just what your business needs. RightOnTarget makes it possible to have a professionally-developed site for a reasonable investment. What’s more, you’ll have the advantage of working with real people instead of sending impersonal emails back and forth. Want to know more? Give us a call at 812-434-6688 and let’s talk!

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