Phil Lieberman

phil lieberman


As the Founding Partner, Phil Lieberman is in charge of special projects and quirky ideas.  Special projects include those that fall outside the normal scope of work activities at Lieberman Technologies.  And quirky ideas, well …

Phil began his career with IBM in Washington DC, writing software for the Federal Systems Division. He returned to Evansville in 1971 and founded Philip Lieberman & Associates (PLA) in 1977. A driving PLA tenet was to provide business data processing solutions where PLA ‘could make a fair profit and have fun doing so.’  He also brought a business philosophy from his prior employments in which his employees would be encouraged to take risks (without risk there is no advancement) and be ‘business partners’ in decision planning and growth.  With this in mind, PLA developed business systems applications for many industries, with a concentration in billing and management software for private and governmental organizations.  PLA also created program-specific software for the State of Indiana and a number of counties that managed subsidies to the working poor. In 2001, Lieberman and Associates grew into the infrastructure and small business computer system support business that is now Lieberman Technologies. One of Phil’s accomplishments during this transition was finding general and technical staff and partners that propelled the company to its current leadership in local, regional, and national information and technology arena.

Phil holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Evansville and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management from Purdue University.