Ben Luttrull

Ben Luttrull

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Ben has worked in a variety of digital and traditional marketing roles, both in-house and for agencies, and previously served as Lieberman Technologies' digital marketing specialist. He believes all marketing needs a digital focus, and strives to help clients learn how incorporating technology into their communication strategies can help reach their audience in exciting, engaging, and profitable ways.

Recent Articles by Ben

5 Mantras to Help Your Website Achieve WordPress Zen

Zen Garden Wordpress

We don’t hide our love for the WordPress platform here at Lieberman. It provides the building blocks needed to create some masterpieces of web design, and it’s a tool we proudly have years of experience in providing for clients. It’s accessible, customizable, and, well, downright pretty. Even if you have never built a website before, it is the go-to choice for millions for

August 7th – Join Us for A Panel Discussion

Southwest ISBDC

An exciting trend has been emerging in our city, and it’s something I’m proud of Lieberman Technologies for being a part of: the active sharing and civic interest in growing how we use digital media for our personal and professional development. We’ve got some seriously smart people in Evansville, and they’re doing some really cool things with social media to grow their

How to Measure eCommerce Success in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Look Closer Lieberman Technologies

Pop quiz! What’s the best way to measure the success of your online store? If you said “total revenue,” then congratulations, you get a check mark! When looking at the overall success of any eCommerce, it eventually does all come back to the dollars coming in. If you were gunning for the elusive check-plus, then sorry, a little bit more nuance is

Tap Into Your Audience For Blog Content

LTnow Blog Content Audience

Like a forest without trees, or a restaurant without food, a blog without content doesn’t really accomplish much in the way of value. The point of a blog is to offer content to readers as a way to establish a connection with an audience. When the blog is firing on all cylinders, it can be the engine that drives visitors to your desired

Google + LT : Partners Connect Wrap-Up

Do you know how much we are all using Google? There are 100 billion (with a b) Google searches performed every month in the world. 6 billion hours of video content are viewed on YouTube every month. 72% of people who performed a search for local information visited a physical store within 5 miles afterwards. Needless to say, Google is becoming more

How to Do More With Less on Facebook

facebook strategy slow down

You got all the information filled out, agreed to (but didn’t read) the Terms of Service, and finally got everything on your revamped, optimized Facebook page set up and ready to unleash on the world. Now what? Your initial temptation may be to start posting immediately, randomly, and constantly. Don’t. Make your efforts count. Before you start posting to Facebook, take time

Bitly Security Compromise – Update Your Information Now

Bitly Security Flaw Logo

Add popular URL shortening service Bitly to the list of security issues that have popped up lately. Today, on their company blog, Bitly CEO Mark Josephson outlined that they have “reason to believe that Bitly account credentials have been compromised; specifically, users’ email addresses, encrypted passwords, API keys and Oauth tokens.” (emphasis Josephson’s). There hasn’t been evidence that accounts have been accessed, but

Why Your Marketing Mix Needs To Incorprate Paid Search

Before Pantone and the eyedropper tool, artists and designers had to create color the old-fashioned way – mixing primary colors to create new shades to use in their work. Starting from a few choice pigments, a painter can mix never-before-seen colors to his or her heart’s content using just a brush and palette. Picture if you will, then, an artist approaching a

Improve Your Facebook Return By Thinking Like An Investor

Facebook on Nasdaq

2014 marks Facebook’s 10th year of existence, and in that decade so much has fundamentally changed about the world we live and work in. Originally a college-only private connection network, Facebook is now a sprawling platform with more than 1.3 billion active users and an average visit time of 30 minutes per user. It is, quite simply, too big to ignore for

5 Website Questions You Can Answer Through Google Analytics

United States Map Google Analytics

If you asked a friend, “How do I get from my house to your house?” and they responded by providing you with a map of the United States and saying, “It’s in there somewhere,” would you find that helpful? Image Courtesy Fort Dearborn Publishing Co. Google Analytics can be that friend. The amount of information available to you is staggering, and while

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