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Brian Burkett

Solutions Consultant

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Brian Burkett is a seasoned technology professional and current solutions consultant with Lieberman Technologies, providing consulting services primarily in infrastructure and managed services. Brian is all about long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. He prioritizes understanding his clients' needs and making the same recommendations for them as he would for himself if he were in a similar situation.

Brian believes in the importance of community service and is involved with several organizations, including the Evansville Rotary and the Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce. In the evenings, Brian is the chief instructor at LifeTrek Martial Arts, a partnership with the YMCA of Southwestern Indiana.

Recent Articles by Brian

Protecting Your Business from Cybercrime: Security Awareness Training

Protecting your business from cypercrime

In late July 2020, technology giant Garmin fell victim to a ransomware attack that halted operations across the board. Encrypted company data meant customers could not access the information synced from their devices. Aviation and GPS communications were unavailable. Even customer support was inaccessible. Garmin ultimately opted to pay the multi-million-dollar ransom to regain access. Services were restored but it left customers

Can Your Business Adapt to Long-Term Remote Work?

Can Your Business Adapt to Long Term Remote Work

It’s something of an understatement to say that 2020 has been a challenging year. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed virtually every facet of daily life. Now that we’re halfway through the year, however, many businesses are moving toward reopening and bringing staff together again. Up to 62% of Americans worked at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. If your staff was among that

Going Remote Due to COVID-19?

Going Remote due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly changing the way we do virtually everything, from education to eating out to business. As organizations and businesses move to online operations, there is a good chance you’ll be working remotely. For businesses and employees tasked with working from home, there are lots of new challenges on the horizon.   Cybercrime and Remote Work One thing is

Effective Cyber Security Training

Effective Cyper Security Training

“Well, there’s a sign upon your door Gone phishin’ You ain’t workin’ anymore…” (with apologies to Bing and Satchmo) When it comes to compromising data security, cybercriminals have a vast selection of tools at their disposal. Their most effective tool, however, is the one that exploits your weakest link – your employees. Phishing attacks account for up to 90% of data breaches,

Better Questions to Ask a Potential Managed Services Provider

Questions to ask a Managed Service Provider

If you’ve been considering outsourcing your IT to a Managed Services Provider (MSP), chances are you’ve done your due diligence in sorting out your options. Your web search probably returned numerous articles with titles along the lines of, “Questions to Ask a Managed Services Provider.” These articles are helpful in general, but often they don’t dig deeply enough into what you really

What is a Serverless Network?

What is a serverless network?

Serverless networks offer benefits and drawbacks. Find out if this cloud-based solution is right for your small or medium-sized business.

Energy Efficiency Through Virtualization

Energy Efficiency Through Virtualization

It might not surprise you to learn that one of the largest operational expenses for most businesses is energy use. The power used to heat, cool, and light an office of any size can be a significant cost, particularly when it comes to powering the various technology pieces in use. While switching to LED lighting and going paperless can help reduce costs,

Top 5 Ways Managed Services Can Help Your Business

Top 5 Ways Managed Services Can Help Your Business

When everything in your business is working as it should be, it’s easy to believe that nothing will ever go wrong. However, seasoned business owners know that Murphy’s Law often comes into play when things are otherwise running smoothly. Nowhere is this more obvious than with your IT environment. If your server goes down, your phone system stops working, or your system

4 Ways Managed Services Can Save Your Business

4 Ways Managed Services Can Save Your Business

Saving time and money is always a business goal, and nowhere is it more important than in small and midsize companies. When it comes to your bottom line, managed services is one of the best ways to help your business operate more efficiently and economically. Managed services allows a business to outsource IT support for greater functionality and improved productivity. Common services

Where Is Your Business on the Waffle House Index?

Where is your business on the Waffle House Index?

If your business needs to operate 24/7, you need a comprehensive disaster plan. Learn how to do your disaster planning the Waffle House way.