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Dan Sullivan

Web Marketing Specialist

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Dan Sullivan has a striped past of working with profits and non-profits. He was the Technical Media Director of a church that printed 3,000 bulletins a week. He then went to work at an ad agency that designed coupons to be printed 3,000,000 at a time. He did marketing and advertising in Central Asia for a relief agency that started Tajikistan’s first ISP and then came back to Indiana to do marketing for the company that was Evansville’s first ISP.

He served as the pastor and program director at the Evansville Rescue Mission before re-entering the business world. He is currently the Web Marketing Specialist at Lieberman Technologies where he supports our digital marketing clients, helps maintain their web presence, and maintenance on mobile apps. In his spare time Dan enjoys the hobbies of his five kids, eats everything his wife bakes, and has long talks with his neighbors.

Recent Articles by Dan

What Matters in a WordPress Hosting Comparison?

When shopping for a company to host your WordPress website, you might be tempted to just pick the cheapest hosting provider and get started. Many WordPress hosting providers promote the cheap, less-important things like unlimited space and unlimited email boxes to get your attention, while their support, security, and stability are hidden in the fine print.

Does a Website have to Look Good to be Successful?

Picking a good website design is only getting harder due to “easy-to-make websites” or “no coding needed” templates.The short answer is yes, a website has to look good to be successful. The real question lies in the definition of what is good-looking.

How to Write a Blog Post for Your Potential Customers

I have a topic, but how do I write a blog post about it? If you’ve established a list of topics based on the four kinds of blog posts listed in my last article, you’re ready to begin. But wait. Now you’re saying, “I have a topic, but how do I write a blog post about it?” Writing comes easily to some

Four Kinds of Posts You Need on Your Business Website

Knowing what kind of blog posts to write on your business website doesn’t have to be a difficult process. This formula can help you know what to write next.

WordPress Experts, Nerds, and Newbs at WordCamp St. Louis

Our web design team took a road trip to a gathering of WordPress experts, advocates, fans, and professionals called WordCamp St. Louis. On any given week, we at Lieberman Technologies run the gamut from a kid with a new toy that he hasn’t figured out yet to diabolical web design genius, so WordCamp was a good thing for us.

How to Win at Any Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend Evansville is part of a global network of events where people come and pitch a business idea on Friday night, work and sweat and learn all weekend, and Sunday night pitch the business plan. There is a panel of judges made up of local business and community leaders that pick the top three pitches. The winners get a variety of

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