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Following a 20-year career in advertising, Hope Church arrived at Lieberman Technologies in May of 2011. As the company wordsmith, she creates delightful content for the company blog and promotional materials.

Hope holds a bachelor's degree in English from Western Kentucky University and is a resident of Henderson.

Recent Articles by Hope

Website Content That Answers Searchers’ Questions

content that answers questions

If you are going to go to all the time and expense to have a great website built, don’t overlook one of the most important parts of the whole process: content. No matter how well-designed and technologically solid your company website is, the content that searchers find on your site can be the difference between a successful site and one that’s mediocre at best.

We’ve Got the Munchies – Evansville’s West Side Nut Club Fall Festival

West Side Fall Festival Evansville, Indiana

Every year in October, historic Franklin Street in Evansville, Indiana transforms from a bustling west side business district to a teeming smorgasbord of food booths and rides. The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, now in its 96th year, attracts people from all over the Tri-State for food and fun. What was conceived in 1921 as a one-day street fair has evolved

Website Content is a Key Part of Website Design

website content is a big part of web design

More often than not, website development begins with a web designer. Most people begin with a vision and some absolutes for their website. The resulting development focuses more on the look and performance of the site. Content becomes a secondary concern in many cases. However, I propose that website content is every bit as important as the visual design, and in fact, you should begin the design process there.

A WordPress Membership Site for a National Organization

easy to update website using wordpress for SPO

Operating a national society requires expedient and easy control over website updates and membership. We used WordPress to solve their e-commerce and content editing problems.

Build Customer Trust Through Your Website Content

building trust with the content on your website

Build customer trust through your website content by running the slow and steady race. Focus on these areas of trust for your customers and you’ll have a formula for success.

Building Value into Your Blog Content

building value into your blog content

Understand that “building value” is not the same as “giving away the store.” No successful business would give away all of their secrets for free. But maybe you pull back the curtain, just a little bit. Give your customers some useful, useable information.

WordPress Web Design for An Accounting Firm in Evansville and Louisville

Wordpress Website for Harding Shymanski Accounting Firm

Their existing website did a basic job of providing information about their firm, but the design felt cluttered and navigation was cumbersome. Updating the design and improving navigation would produce a clean site with easily accessible information, reflecting their expertise and providing a clear path for making contact.

LTnow’s Guide to Tech Gifts for Holiday 2016

guide to tech gifts 2016

You might expect that folks who work in the tech field are pretty tuned-in to the techy goodness that’s available out there. While yes, we love fuzzy slippers just as much as the next person, there are a few decidedly tech things on our list. We took an office poll and here are some of the most-asked-for tech gifts on our wish lists.

Improve Your Website Content With Yoast’s Readability and SEO Plugin

improve website content readability with the yoast plugin

If you have a WordPress website, you have access to a nifty free tool that can help improve your website content as well as your SEO. The Yoast SEO plugin can provide valuable insights about the quality of your writing and help you to focus your content for maximum SEO benefit.

Blog vs. Website for My Small Business?

business website or blog

You might assume that a basic website is all you need. You can increase your website traffic by adding a blog and publishing content with value.

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