Joe Anslinger

Joe Anslinger

Director of Infrastructure

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As an IT professional with an extensive background in data center operations, consulting and management, Joe Anslinger brings 25 years of knowledge and experience to his role as director of infrastructure at Lieberman Technologies. His career spans business & solution development, project management, sales, and technical leadership roles which enabled client success through timely, accurate solutions, customer service, effective communication, and relationship management. He believes in a lifecycle approach to continually improving processes, systems, solutions, and delivery to those he serves.

Joe’s key strengths are his attention to detail and ability to address difficult issues effectively by creating win-win solutions.

Recent Articles by Joe

5 Technology Trends for 2020

5 Technology Trends for 2020

You may have heard the term, “fourth industrial revolution” to describe the current state of technological advances. No matter how you feel about this idea, it’s undeniable that we’re living in a technologically advanced world. It’s not going to slow down any time soon. Technology Trends for 2020 As we move into the second decade of the new millennium, here are some

Happening Now: Windows 7 End of Life

Happening Now: Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 will reach its end of life on January 14, 2020. If you have not made plans to upgrade to Windows 10, your time is growing very short.

IT Infrastructure Assessments

IT infrastructure assessment

An IT infrastructure assessment can help you evaluate your IT environment to determine its strengths and weaknesses, as well as aid you in budgeting for IT.

Standardization as a Business Strategy

Standardization As A Business Strategy

You’re onsite at a customer’s business and they have a specific challenge that your company is well-equipped to solve. How do you present your solution quickly and effectively?   Your team of service technicians rotates among your customers based on availability, meaning the same customer may see several members of your staff over time. How do you make sure each service technician

What Is End-of-Life and How Does It Impact Your Business?

What Is End-of-Life and How Does It Impact Your Business?

Many businesses continue to use technologies well past their end-of-life dates, even though this is a dangerous practice. Be prepared and know the risks.

Windows Server 2008 End of Support

Windows Server 2008 End of Support

Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2008 in 2020. If you don’t migrate to a new platform, your data security & industry compliance may be at risk.

Is an Office WiFi Network as Secure as a Wired Network?

Is an office wifi network as secure as a wired network?

Business wireless networks require more security than the average home network. If your business uses WiFi, you may be more vulnerable than you think.

Using Technology to Make Your Business Safer

make your business safer with technology

While companies still need to protect their physical assets, they must also consider protecting the very lifeblood of their business: data. Fortunately, today’s business security is better thanks to technology.

How to Change Your Email Signature in Office 365

how to change your signature office 365

No matter how often you change your email signature in Outlook for Office 365, here is the step by step process. Update your signature on your individual account or as an admin to update disclaimers, company-wide signatures, and more. You can also use a separate signature on your phone with Office 365.

Choosing the Right Office 365 Email Solution

choose the right office 365 email solution

Email solutions have moved away from single-purchase, perpetual-license solutions and toward cloud-based subscriptions. The options available with a cloud-based subscription allow you to tailor an email package that best fits your company’s needs.

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