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Michael Peerman

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A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress

Beginner's Guide to WordPress

Many businesses use WordPress to easily make updates to their business’ website. Mastering the basics is important to maintaining your web presence.

The Benefits of Web-Based Software for Your Business

The benefits of web-based software for your business

Because of its flexibility, web-based software can offer many benefits to businesses, including more efficient maintenance and improved data security.

How to Upgrade to WordPress 5 with No Downtime

How to upgrade to Wordpress 5 with no downtime

As with other software, failing to update to WordPress 5 in a timely manner can be risky. If you’re still using version 4, now is the time to upgrade.

Website Trends for 2020

Website trends for 2020

As businesses look toward the new year, many of them will be considering a website update. Here are some of the trends you can expect to see in 2020.

10 Reasons Visitors Will Abandon Your Website

10 Reasons Visitors will abandon your website

Your website is a big part of your business marketing strategy, but if your visitors don’t stay on your site very long, it may not be as effective as you need it to be. After all, your website is (in theory) designed to provide information and lead visitors toward certain outcomes. If they enter your site but leave without further interaction, you

Do I Need a New Website?

Do I Need a New Website?

Your website should change and adapt with your business. Do you know if your website is winning customers… or driving them away?

Your Business Needs a Custom Software Safety Net

People building a Custom Software Solution

For businesses with highly specialized processes and workflows, custom software can improve efficiency and productivity. Once a company steps out of the realm of off-the-shelf software, going back to that setting would be difficult. Custom software is an investment of time and expertise, but its rewards can be immense. A large number of businesses opt to use an in-house developer to create

When to Outsource Your Software Development

Blocks labeled with different functionality and linking them all together

How efficient are your business processes? If your business is like most, you use a variety of off-the-shelf softwares to meet various needs. Part of the broad appeal of off-the-shelf software is its adaptability for general use. Some business functions, such as email or accounting, are universal. As your business grows and develops, however, you may find yourself making a “wish list”

When Your Softwares Won’t Communicate

When Your Softwares won't communicate

Many small and midsize businesses rely on off-the-shelf software for a large portion of their daily operations. The relatively low cost and easy set-up for such software makes it very attractive for businesses that may not have a dedicated IT department. However, these standardized applications typically serve a single function or related set of functions. Getting these applications to talk to one

3 Ways Custom Software Can Shorten Your Work Week

custom software can shorten your work week

Business has changed in a multitude of ways over the last 20 years. Unfortunately, a lot of offices haven’t changed their workflows in that same span of time. If you describe your business processes as “a ton of paperwork,” then you are working too hard. Our custom software development services help municipalities, schools, factories, and more by reducing the time it takes for repetitive processes. Here are a few solutions you should consider if you are looking for more time in your year.

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