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Phil Lieberman


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As the Founding Partner, Phil Lieberman is in charge of software development and management services for Lieberman Technologies.

Phil began his career with IBM in Washington DC, writing software for the federal systems division. He returned to Evansville in 1971 and founded Philip Lieberman & Associates (PLA) in 1977. PLA wrote business systems applications for many industries, with a concentration in billing and accounting software for mental health centers, retail, and accounting software for college book stores. PLA also wrote program-specific software for the State of Indiana and for Vanderburgh County to manage subsidies to the working poor. In 2001, Philip Lieberman and Associates grew into the infrastructure and small business computer system support business, becoming Lieberman Technologies. Today, Lieberman Technologies offers a complete line of computer support services for the small- to medium-size business, as well as software development services. Software that Lieberman Technologies has developed includes a quoting system for a local parking lot striping company and tax warrant and sheriff sale management systems for over 50 counties in the state of Indiana.

Phil holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Evansville and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management from Purdue University.

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