Rick Culiver

Rick Culiver

Partner, Director of Business Development

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Prior to joining Lieberman, Rick held positions in technical sales, voice and data solutions management. As an account manager for Southwestern Bell Communications and Matrix Integration, he designed complex solutions and collaborated with clients on a wide array of IT solutions to fit their needs. He has extensive professional experience in providing technical solutions and a strong reputation of quality service.

Rick’s broad technical expertise, with an eye for detail and follow up, make him an excellent solutions consultant.

Recent Articles by Rick

Consider These Tech Details When Relocating Your Business

Consider these IT details when moving your office

While it’s true that technology allows businesses to operate leaner and cleaner, it can complicate the logistics of an office relocation. Here are steps you can take to assure the process happens smoothly and with minimal downtime.

Making the Most of Your 2018 Tech Budget

getting the most value out of your IT budget

View your IT budget as a roadmap and a strategic approach to achieving your business goals. By forecasting your projected revenue and planning for costs and expenses, you will be better prepared for the inevitable ups and downs a year brings.

Get RightOnTarget for Your Small Business Website

RightOnTarget Small Business Website

If you’re a small business owner, you know that marketing your business is important if you want to be profitable. Because small businesses are budget-conscious, many do their own marketing as cheap as possible. When you are making your marketing dollars work hard for your business, one area that needs attention is your small business website.

How Do You Decide What Goes in Your IT Budget?

What goes into an IT budget?

During the budgeting process, it’s not enough to focus solely on workstations, servers, infrastructure, or bandwidth. While these are important pieces of the overall puzzle, there are also other items to consider when creating your IT budget. VoIP phone systems, application delivery models such as CRMs and PSAs, and disaster recovery planning are also significant considerations.

Build Trust and Security on Your Website with HTTPS

customer trust HTTPS website

Even visitors who don’t understand HTTP and HTTPS want security from your site. As HTTPS becomes more prominent, non-HTTPS sites will stand out as being insecure and shake the vistors’ trust. By having a secure HTTPS site, my website is more secure and shows my customers that I care about their security.

7 Tips for Successful Custom Software Development

7 tips for successful custom software development

Successful custom software development is the result of collaboration between a developer and client. It can help your business become more profitable, but you must be well-prepared before beginning the process. Maintaining focus on the outcome as you move through the process will help you to keep on track.

How Paperless Automation Helps Indiana Sheriffs

paperless automation business software for sheriffs

Streamlining the process with paperless automation can make everything run more smoothly for both staff and the public. By developing the Automated Tax Warrant System (ATWS) for county sheriff departments, Lieberman Technologies has improved the process for 68 counties in Indiana.

10 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Software

10 reasons your business needs custom software

Off-the-shelf software is very general in nature. It performs a limited task or set of tasks for a business, regardless of the type of business using it. It often doesn’t have the capabilities to handle the special needs of a specific business or industry. Fine-tuning a business to eliminate inefficiency is a constant goal. For some businesses, this can mean ditching off-the-shelf software in favor of custom software.

Startup Weekend 2017: The Future of Evansville Small Business

Startup Weekend and Evansville Small Business

If you are curious about what it takes to launch a new business, you won’t want to miss this event. To date, over 210,000 entrepreneurs in 135 countries have participated in a Startup Weekend. These events have been the starting point for many different types of businesses, including some in the Evansville area.

AlbionFellowsBacon.org – A Non-Profit Website Success Story

Non-Profit WordPress Website Success Story

In order to serve its 11-county area, Albion Fellows Bacon Center needed a new website. The old website had out-of-date and hard-to-update information and was very difficult to read on a smartphone.

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