Rick Culiver

Rick Culiver

Partner, Director of Business Development

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Prior to joining Lieberman, Rick held positions in technical sales, voice and data solutions management. As an account manager for Southwestern Bell Communications and Matrix Integration, he designed complex solutions and collaborated with clients on a wide array of IT solutions to fit their needs. He has extensive professional experience in providing technical solutions and a strong reputation of quality service.

Rick’s broad technical expertise, with an eye for detail and follow up, make him an excellent solutions consultant.

Recent Articles by Rick

Startup Weekend 2017: The Future of Evansville Small Business

If you are curious about what it takes to launch a new business, you won’t want to miss this event. To date, over 210,000 entrepreneurs in 135 countries have participated in a Startup Weekend. These events have been the starting point for many different types of businesses, including some in the Evansville area.

AlbionFellowsBacon.org – A Non-Profit Website Success Story

In order to serve its 11-county area, Albion Fellows Bacon Center needed a new website. The old website had out-of-date and hard-to-update information and was very difficult to read on a smartphone.

Outdoor Public WiFi Network for Haynie’s Corner in Evansville

HCADA asked Lieberman Technologies to bring an outdoor, public WiFi network to the Arts District. With our three access-point setup, signals in the fountain area allow thousands of visitors, as well as neighborhood residents, to connect to the public WiFi network – for free.

Startup Weekend 5.0 – February 19-21, 2016

This February, the Evansville entrepreneurial community will mark the fifth year of Startup Weekend, a weekend of innovative competition, entrepreneurial education, and iterative collaboration designed to bring great ideas to life. Lieberman Technologies has supported this event in multiple ways since its inception, even though some years the winner of the competition doesn’t have anything to do with technology. That’s okay, because we feel that Evansville

Taming the Paper Monster For a Tree Service Business

Sometimes opportunity presents itself during a time of devastation. Such was the case in 1982, when Randy and Cathy Nicely found themselves pitching in to help the Evansville area clean up after a devastating windstorm. Two chainsaws, a pickup truck, and a friend, combined with a strong work ethic, led the Nicelys to discover a niche to fill in the Tri-State and Randy’s

Reinforcing Positive Behavior in the School Environment with PBIS Rewards

Schools across the nation strive toward providing a safe, positive educational experience. Part of this experience includes teaching students desired behaviors that will translate into social, emotional, and academic success as they move through the educational process. To that end, many schools employ Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, also known as PBIS. PBIS is a proactive approach to teaching behavioral expectations and

Startup Weekend Evansville 4.0 – February 20-22

February 20-22 will mark the fourth annual Startup Weekend here in Evansville, and even after four years, a lot of people still aren’t sure what it is. But for individuals who have an idea that’s not on the market, Startup Weekend is part competition, part education, and a full weekend of discussion, collaboration, and progress on their idea. What Startup Weekend Is Startup Weekend

Making Foreclosure Sales Run More Smoothly in Indiana

In Indiana, when a home is foreclosed by a bank for nonpayment of the mortgage the county sheriff is tasked with selling that home via a public auction. These sales are usually attended by bank representatives as well as members of the general public who purchase distressed properties for both personal and investment reasons. While on the surface these sales may seem

Putting Seniors in Touch With Services: SWIRCA Senior Resource Guide Online

Reaching the Senior Population The ranks of America’s seniors are predicted to grow to an astounding 31 percent of the country’s population by 2030. That’s right; nearly a third of the US population will be past the age of 65 in just a few short years. As the future arrives, most of these seniors will have one common goal: to remain independent

Improving Food Pantry Services in Evansville

More than 50 million people in America struggle to put food on the table, and one in six faces hunger. In Evansville, the Evansville Emergency Food Pantry Consortium (EEFPC) works to alleviate some of this hunger through the member food pantries. The Need of the EEFPC Keeping track of the various recipients of food pantry offerings, however, is a daunting task. In

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