Shane Provost

Shane Provost

Guest Author

Shane is a front-end web developer who has worked professionally in a variety of capacities in web and mobile applications development making functional, optimized, and beautiful digital products. He was a web developer for Lieberman Technologies for 3 years.

Recent Articles by Shane

Understanding the Value of Your Website

understanding value of website

Lately I’ve had a fear that a lot of business owners don’t fully appreciate the value of their website. Most business people understand that a website is no longer optional, but many still approach it with a mindset of, “We have to have a website because our competition has one. Here, Mr. Developer, this is my company information, my staff roster, and

Does Your Business Need a New Website? 6 Questions to Ask.

Websites are an integral part of communication in today’s business world. A business without a website misses countless opportunities to inform and connect with their customers, every hour of the day, every day of the week. In many ways, a website is a salesperson who never takes a day off. Obviously, if your business has a website, you’ve got a distinct advantage

What’s a Gravatar? Do I Need One?

gravatar shane provost

The other day I received an email from Zac, asking if I would have a chance to update my Gravatar image for a shared, online work collaboration tool here at Lieberman Technologies. Like a lot of people, I wasn’t even sure what a Gravatar was. After a quick bit of online research, I discovered that a Gravatar (globally recognized avatar) is that