Zac Parsons

Zac Parsons

Guest Author

Zac is an experienced marketer and organizational consultant who previously worked for Lieberman Technologies as a digital marketing architect. Zac is a big believer in the importance of data-driven marketing decisions and the power of analytics to demonstrate the ROI of good websites and well-managed social media channels.

Recent Articles by Zac

Overwhelmed by Google Analytics? Don’t Be.

It’s been said that humans are born with only two innate fears – that of falling and that of sudden, loud noises. All of the other things we have come to fear – spiders, clowns, darkness, etc. – are learned fears, created from circumstances sometimes out of our control. Fears sometimes arise out of uncertainty; particularly if we feel overwhelmed by the

Google Search No Longer Providing Keyword Data

When you’re THE search engine giant, everything you do becomes a very big deal. Such was the case yesterday when Google announced that it was going to cease to provide keyword data for analytics. As of yesterday, all searches conducted through Google will run through their secure (encrypted) server – effectively ending reportable information about keywords used in search. Every Google search

The Relationship-Focused Sales and Marketing Funnel

relationship based sales funnel

If you Google something like: “sales funnel,” “purchase funnel,” or “marketing funnel,” you’re likely to find a myriad of differing opinions on how to find and gain new customers for a business. Because of the various products and service providers out there, it makes sense that there wouldn’t be just one approach to earning new customers. Now, my searches didn’t come up

Did Facebook’s privacy change proposal go too far?

Is this the moment when changes to the Facebook privacy settings actually launch a mass exodus from the world’s top social media network? We’ve heard folks bemoan the different changes to the default settings on Facebook before, but this is different. Could this be the tipping point? What am I talking about? On Thursday, August 29, 2013, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer issued

The Best Sales Rep You’ll Ever Have – Part 1

Let’s imagine something together. There is an upcoming expo in a nearby city that your organization needs to be at. Now by “needs”, I mean that there is a significant opportunity to move the needle in your marketing efforts. You decide that your organization is going to have a presence, but you don’t know exactly what the scope of that presence should

Connecting Social Media to the Company Website

How do you promote your business these days? Pose this question to any number of companies, in practically any area of expertise, and you are likely to get a similar response: social media. All of the various social media platforms available mean that just about any business can find the right channels to suit their message and their industry. Engagement is the aim

Does My Business Need To Be On Pinterest?


Some would argue that marketing today is infinitely more fractured than in times past, particularly with regard to the rise of social media. The sheer number of social media platforms available to promote a business can be overwhelming to businesses of all sizes and industries. Many companies maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+… and stop there. But other social

Should You Outsource Your Blog?

blog post button

Adding a blog to your website can benefit your business in numerous ways. For starters, a blog can produce an accumulative increase of your website’s traffic of more than 50%. For a fraction of the cost of a new hire, you can contract for blog content that will be researched and written as if it were done by a member of your team. Further, because a ghostwriter is a contractor, you are spared the cost of providing a full salary and benefits.

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