Back Your Marketing Ideas Up With Technology

How far are you willing to go to prove you were right?

For many, justifying one’s position in argument or debate is based in pride. Nobody enjoys being wrong, and showing people who doubt or don’t understand you that you know what you’re talking about helps to save face or prove knowledge.

For marketers, however, it can mean the difference between a raise and updating your LinkedIn profile. Since the dawn of advertising and marketing, people have struggled to prove its effectiveness in ways that are tangible and easy to digest. Entire campaigns have been launched off of the “hunches” of executives and the well-meaning but naive ideas of who the audience is. The success of marketing depended, in part, on the presenter’s ability to convince you that things were working.

Now, however, we live in a world where data not only measures marketing better, it drives the bus in strategic planning and campaign formation. People now don’t use “hunches,” they use resources available to them from around the world to pinpoint, with laser-like accuracy, the behaviors and attitudes of demographics of all shapes and sizes. What’s more, this level of information is not only available to the fattest of cats, but to anyone curious enough to begin looking and measuring.

What changed? Technology.

Everything is Measurable

Gone are the days of passive audiences, sitting on their couch and allowing what was being broadcast to wash over them. Now, in addition to the exponential growth in broadcasters, the audience has a direct say in what information they both take in and give out. Social media, the rise of the second screen experience, and the explosion of mobile web traffic have all combined to create a world in which people experience things in real-time, and immediately communicate that experience with both their inner circle and the entire internet.

No longer do you have only Nielsen to trust, telling you that your audience is watching a certain show or buying a certain product. Now, your audience is telling you, directly and often loudly.

This information is too beneficial for any marketer to overlook. Because of the way you can measure the behavior and opinions of the online audience, you have the opportunity to prove the success and opportunities of your marketing strategies from day one. Wondering how people are reacting to your latest commercial? Don’t worry – they will tell you. Make sure you’re listening.

From The Ground Up

Reacting based on this information is one thing, but let’s go a little deeper: what if your marketing campaigns were enabled from the beginning to be measured in a real, tangible, and translatable way? What if you could report, with full confidence, exactly how much revenue or awareness was generated from every single piece of collateral you produced? What if, instead of guessing, you could know with certainty that your audience is growing because of your actions?

Technology answers all these questions, and emphatically says, “what are you waiting for?”

We love providing our clients with data, but we love it even more when we can say what that data means for revenue and awareness. If you have an intended goal for a marketing platform, be it your website, television, radio, print, or experiential, we can provide you guidance that will help you take your grandest visions and make them not only real, but measurable. Our thirty-plus years of experience gives us the confidence to say that we can find an answer to your most challenging puzzle.

Regardless of what marketing opportunities and strategies your company undertakes, it will be to your benefit to seriously investigate how technology can be used to measure and optimize it. It’s much more enjoyable than wondering whether you got it right on your own.