Benefits of Using WordPress on Business Websites

It’s nearly impossible these days to have a business without a website. Just like your business card and the signage on your building, a website tells people where to find you and what your business is about. Deciding what your website should look like and how it should function can be difficult. That’s why many companies use WordPress for business websites.

There are a lot of really neat websites out there. You may find yourself admiring photography or animations on another website, even if those elements don’t fit the needs of your business. The story behind a great website is often untold and deceptively complex. Even the simplest website can involve thousands of lines of code and software built by hundreds of engineers and designers. However, the right software and tools can help you get a head start and make your website much more economical. WordPress makes the web design process happen much more smoothly.


WordPress for Business – Themes and Plugins May Give You a Head Start

It used to be that a lot of the code to create a website had to be written and coded site-by-site. Since the prevalence of WordPress, a lot of that work of original coding is a thing of the past. WordPress themes may contain photo galleries, customer testimonials, forms, and more. From that basic framework, you can design a great website that suits your particular business needs. Instead of spending 150 hours developing a whole site from scratch, a team can spend 60 hours customizing and tailoring on the existing framework that WordPress provides. This is how WordPress can be used for lawyers, restaurants, hospitals, interior decorators, and more.

At Lieberman Technologies, we have a set of cornerstone plugins that we install on all of our clients’ sites. These plugins help with maintenance, malware scanning, improving SEO, adding forms, and more. But be warned: too many plugins will bog down your site and hurt its performance. Choose them wisely. Also, as with any software, stay away from file sharing sites or pirated downloads. Only use plugins and themes that come from the WordPress Repository or a trusted developer.

Make Changes to Your Website Without Needing To Call Someone

WordPress for business gives you the freedom to change web companies or hire a different designer. If your website vendor has a custom Content Management System (CMS), your present and future staff will have to learn that system. Not so with WordPress. WordPress makes it easy for you to update your website yourself. If you change web companies or hire a different designer, it is highly likely that they will be familiar with WordPress and you won’t have to redo everything. You can take all of your code with you. Since your website runs on the software that you use to edit the site, you can continue to update the content of your site even if you lose contact with your original developer.

WordPress is slowly becoming as ubiquitous as Microsoft Word. Nearly one-third of all websites globally now run on WordPress, so finding a designer or a web design company that is familiar with WordPress is easy. Additionally, as you hire new employees you can list “WordPress experience” as a job qualification, lowering the learning curve.

wordpress page editor

Editing your website content can be as easy as using Microsoft Word.

Technical and Not-So-Technical Support

There are thousands of people using WordPress for business every day. Many of them love sharing their knowledge and volunteering their time to write better Open Source software for the world to use. That also means that there are people of all different skill levels ready to teach and help others. Various user groups, online forums, and YouTube channels out there provide support when you hit a roadblock. WordCamp is a local conference designed for WordPress users to help one another out. These conferences help users learn more about how to use WordPress. Library books, online resources, and a local community of WordPress users are all there to help you use your website.

If you had a website built on a proprietary CMS, only the ones who use it will know how to update your website. When someone is sick, takes a vacation, or takes another job, you will have to ride the learning curve to train the next person. Another difficulty with using a less popular CMS for your website is that a redesign may cause you to lose all of your historical articles. With WordPress, the website content is kept separate from the design, so design changes that affect the theme (the look) won’t affect your content.

Can Your Website Scale to Fit Your Growing Business?

Websites used to be built page-by-page. This process eventually created a disorganized behemoth of a website. That kind of site is hard to maintain, and even harder to visit and use. When you use WordPress for business, you get some guidelines and structure right off the bat. You aren’t locked into that structure, but you can only get out of it on purpose. Search engines look for orderly sites to index. WordPress gives you an orderly site from the very beginning. Planning out a hierarchy of pages and the purpose of your posts will also help you come up with content for your website. This helps you to fill in important information like an About Us page and a Contact page.

If your business needs a new website or a redesign of an existing site, talk to us here at Lieberman Technologies. We can create a website that is easy to use for both your staff and your customers.