The Best Local Web-Based Tool You May Not Be Using

In a metro area like the Tri-State, there always seems to be something going on. The big events you’re likely well aware of – from the Shriner’s Fest to the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, the defining events of our city are firmly entrenched and well-advertised. But what about other events that may not have an advertising budget? Or smaller, day-to-day events? Those may be a little harder to find, and some you might miss entirely.

Local businesswoman Tracy Zeller’s guiding philosophy has always been one of giving back to the community that supports her. Her business, Tracy Zeller Jewelry, participates in and promotes a wide variety of community events throughout the year – so many that Zeller quickly became a go-to source for event planners seeking her input to help eliminate conflicts when scheduling events. She wanted to give local charities and civic groups a way to plan events without competing with one another for the public’s attention on the day of an event.

Her idea? A community calendar.

Because she had worked with Lieberman Technologies on other projects, Tracy asked us to create a calendar resource that could be used by civic groups and charitable organizations to promote their events. She wanted to make is simple to submit events as well as easy for the end user to find out what’s going on in our community.

Tracy Zeller Community Calendar

A True Community Resource

Some community calendars are managed by a central administrator, who inputs information after it has been submitted. Rather than rely on a single point of input, Tracy Zeller’s Community Calendar is created by the representatives of each organization that uses it. This allows organizations to submit events to the calendar at any time, and allows groups to see what events are already scheduled for a particular day. What’s more, use of the calendar by community groups is entirely free, and it is free to access by the public.

Easy to Use

Checking for events on the Community Calendar is easy for the end user, too. The Community Calendar is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing for easy access from a smartphone, and selected events can easily be added to personal calendars such as iCalendar, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, and Windows Live Calendar. Users can sort events by date or by category, and can view calendar information as a list or as a calendar page.

Whether it’s festivals, sporting events, lectures, arts, church events, or charity fundraisers, Tracy Zeller’s Community Calendar helps promote the many great events common to a generous community such as Evansville. If your group or civic organization offers events for the local community, this calendar can be a great help for scheduling and for promotion of your event. And if you’re always looking for something new to try, the Community Calendar can be your on-the-go source for information.

Want to know more about upcoming events? Check out the Community Calendar!