The Best Sales Rep You’ll Ever Have – Part 3

What’s all this talk about a website being the best sales rep you’ll ever have? As a 23-year sales veteran, I take issue with the idea that a website can ever replace a human salesperson. Regardless of the business you’re in, that human connection is still vitally important.

The truth is, a website can’t replace a human salesperson. But while the human salesperson is often literally the face of your company, your website can help to augment that salesperson’s efforts. The key to making this happen, however, is making sure that your website is finely tuned and full of relevant content. The LTnow website has been one of the greatest tools in my sales toolbox.

How do you make your website into a great sales tool?

We’ve looked at the impact and engagement of our website on an ad-hoc basis over the past few years, and we’ve become increasingly serious about measuring that engagement and responding to the data. We’ve taken a close look at our website traffic, our search terms, and the actions our visitors take while they’re on our site. The things we have discovered by doing this have helped us to refine our approach to our website. As a team, we’ve worked hard to create informative and useful blog posts and service description pages. I often refer prospective clients to these posts and pages to help further illustrate ideas that come up in our conversations.

And it’s not just Lieberman Technologies’ story that we’re telling. We’ve also been able to showcase some of the successes that our clients have had over the years. We can help them to tell that story, and we are proud to do so.

How important is a website to your sales efforts?

Websites have become increasingly important in the sales cycle. In years past, when I’d talk with someone about Lieberman Technologies, they would have very limited knowledge about our company and our story. Now, it’s not uncommon for someone to remark about how they have already visited our website, or seen us out on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. It gives us something to talk about right away, and it makes my job that much easier.

Because our own in-house examination efforts have served to improve our website content, we’ve developed a program to help our clients examine and refine their own websites. If you’ve ever wondered how your website is performing, this could be the opportunity for you. If you’d like to find out how your website is performing, or how it could do better, contact us today.