Big Screen Technology for Business Today

When you watch a business-themed movie from the 1980s or 1990s, you can’t help but notice the stark contrast between the technology of that era and what we have today. Power suits, chunky brick-sized cell phones, and overhead projectors have given way to business casual, smartphones, and wall-mounted flat-panel monitors. In the lobby, static letterboard directories have gone electronic and, in some cases, interactive.

Big screen technology for business today

Big Screen Technology

TVs and computer monitors have evolved in an ever-thinning manner over the years, and this has been a boon to businesses everywhere. Now, companies no longer need to rely on traditional projection systems, which can be difficult to install and operate as well as expensive to maintain. Instead, big screen technology can improve user experiences in the conference room and in public areas such as lobbies.

Large Format TVs

Conference rooms have experienced a big upgrade in recent years. Gone are the projection systems that are troublesome to install, costly to maintain, and can provide poor screen quality. In their place are large-screen TVs measuring 55 inches or more, linked to small form factor computers. These TVs are quite versatile, allowing businesses to use them as both a TV or as a computer display. Traditional projection systems limit users to the computer that the display is hooked up to, which may or may not have the right programs installed. With a TV and casting device, a user can cast the screen of another computer to the TV screen. This mobility of resources means that any of your employees can make presentations or conduct meetings using their own laptops.

Electronic Directories

While there is something charmingly retro about letterboards these days, electronic directories can be used for multiple purposes. Unlike the time-consuming effort of changing out a letterboard sign by hand, it’s easy to make changes to an electronic directory. This digital signage can change quickly and can also provide users with information such as maps, pictures, videos, announcements, or a live feed of information such as news headlines.

Touch Screen Kiosks

Interactive directories allow users to drill down into more detailed information. Touch screens can provide self-service functionality in businesses, including mapping, wayfinding and interactive exhibits. Like electronic directories, touch screen kiosks can be updated quickly and easily.

Using Big Screen Technology in Your Business

Big screen technology can give your business a competitive advantage.

Imagine being able to conduct meetings and give presentations without concern about program compatibility. Large TV screens can provide significant impact in such a setting. You get the benefit of sharp image quality in addition to ease of operation and cost efficiency.

For businesses that need directional signage but want to give their customers additional perks, electronic directories and touch screen kiosks can elevate customer perception. Your ability to update or change these screens from a central location means instant and accurate information for your customers.

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