How Managed Services Benefit Small Business

Managed IT Services for Small Business
Before the advent of managed services, businesses without a dedicated IT staff often only addressed IT issues whenever something was broken and needed to be fixed. But as the technological landscape has evolved and issues such as data security and disaster recovery have become more and more important, businesses are recognizing that there is more to IT than just handling issues as they arise.

Storytelling is Good For Business

Storytelling for business marketing and advertising
Have you ever had a teacher who was so great at teaching that you still remember things you learned in that class, sometimes decades later? Most of us have had at least one of these educational superstars, whose specific talents led us to learning, oftentimes in spite of ourselves. I’ve got a handful of favorite teachers, but one of them stands out

Business Continuity – Hosting and Colocation

Business Continuity regarding Hosting and Colocation
How much downtime can your business afford? The answer will be different depending on the business, but most answers would be a variant of “none at all.” Downtime equates to a loss of employee productivity, service to customers, and, ultimately, profits, and the best way to minimize downtime is to have a plan in place – a business continuity plan.   The

How to Win at Any Startup Weekend

Winning at Startup Weekend
Startup Weekend Evansville is part of a global network of events where people come and pitch a business idea on Friday night, work and sweat and learn all weekend, and Sunday night pitch the business plan. There is a panel of judges made up of local business and community leaders that pick the top three pitches. The winners get a variety of

Business Continuity: Virtualization

Business Continuity Plan
What a Business Continuity Plan Means for your Business If a disaster struck your business tomorrow, would you be ready? That’s a question that, unfortunately for some businesses, is only answered in the throes of disaster… making it a disaster recovery issue. Preparation for disaster, however, is a basic tenet of business continuity planning, and allows you to more confidently answer yes

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