Should Your Business Be Blogging?

Here at Lieberman Technologies, we spend a good bit of time talking about blogging. That might seem to be an odd topic for a tech company, but in truth, our blog is a significant part of our overall marketing strategy.

You see, LT’s blog (which you’re reading right now) is one of the ways we initiate a conversation with our many clients. Through our blog, we’re able to address issues that we feel are important to the success of the companies we work with, as well as offer some timely information and the occasional post that was written just for fun. While our blog might not be the centerpiece of our marketing strategy, it certainly fills an important supporting role.

Technology has changed everything

Although the golden age of advertising (in the traditional sense) was well over by the time I entered into the workforce, a case can be made that we have entered a new age that promises to be just as golden. Fueled by social media, enhanced by 24/7 digital availability, and able to be created and changed rapidly, digital marketing has been a game-changer for companies looking to boost their bottom line. While digital marketing isn’t glamorous in a Mad Men sort of way, it’s the way a business must go if they intend to be competitive. And one of the ways a business can be competitive is to begin a conversation with its customers via a blog.

Why blog?

When you consider the various forms of marketing available to businesses today, the sheer volume of choices can feel overwhelming. Websites are the new storefronts, and social media is the new format for promotion. Between the storefront and the promotion is the story. And the story comes from the blog.

Credit: Flickr

Credit: Flickr

Consider this: if you have a website, you have the most basic representation of your business. Your website likely showcases your business offerings, provides a means to contact you, and perhaps even introduces the people who make up your staff. On the surface, your website is everything you need. But if your website also has a blog, then you have a means to tell your customer even more about your business, to build your reputation  and position yourself as a trustworthy source.

Consider your customer’s point of view: if he had to choose between two businesses that offer similar products at similar prices, what would he need to tip his decision in your direction? It’s likely that he’d want to feel comfortable with your business on a deeper level – almost like buying from a friend. To establish that sort of connection takes a bit of storytelling.

Tell your story

Whether you realize it or not, every business has a story to tell. When you tell that story via a blog, you create connection with your customer that likely wouldn’t exist otherwise. Just like the star salesman who takes the time to get to know his customers, a blog establishes a relationship that pulls customers closer to you and what you have to offer. When you take the time to find out what people really want from you and your business, and then address those issues via your blog, you establish a level of trustworthiness that benefits you well into the future.

“You cannot bore people into buying your product; you can only interest them into buying it.” – David Ogilvy

The value of a blog

Establishing a blog on your website does more than just tell a story. Blogging can help your website rise in the ranks on a search engine results page (SERP), as blog content gives search engines a rich vein of content to mine. And let’s not forget social media – links to blog posts can be shared across every format you choose to participate in, as well as being passed along by your customers.

Every business has a story. Should you be sharing yours with a blog? Yes!