Client Success Stories

How Paperless Automation Helps Indiana Sheriffs

paperless automation business software for sheriffs

Streamlining the process with paperless automation can make everything run more smoothly for both staff and the public. By developing the Automated Tax Warrant System (ATWS) for county sheriff departments, Lieberman Technologies has improved the process for 68 counties in Indiana.

Phone System Improvements for the Evansville YMCA

improving the phone system for the Evansville YMCA

Improving the phone system for the Evansville YMCA updated them from aging, broken phones into an easy to use, future-proof small business phone system. Our holistic review of their 4 locations made sure we knew about all of the surprises and cabling needs in advance of the 90+ phone project.

Taming the Paper Monster For a Tree Service Business

get control of a small business paper trail

Sometimes opportunity presents itself during a time of devastation. Such was the case in 1982, when Randy and Cathy Nicely found themselves pitching in to help the Evansville area clean up after a devastating windstorm. Two chainsaws, a pickup truck, and a friend, combined with a strong work ethic, led the Nicelys to discover a niche to fill in the Tri-State and Randy’s

Providing Infrastructure Services For a Local Advocacy Center  

Holly's House

As is the case with many non-profits, Holly’s House operated with a hodgepodge of services and equipment that served their needs but not as efficiently as it needed to be. When an issue arose involving their data backup that their previous provider could not solve, Holly’s House contacted Lieberman Technologies for a fresh look at their infrastructure.

Reinforcing Positive Behavior in the School Environment with PBIS Rewards

Reinforcing Positive Behavior in the School Environment with PBIS Rewards

Schools across the nation strive toward providing a safe, positive educational experience. Part of this experience includes teaching students desired behaviors that will translate into social, emotional, and academic success as they move through the educational process. To that end, many schools employ Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, also known as PBIS. PBIS is a proactive approach to teaching behavioral expectations and

Making Foreclosure Sales Run More Smoothly in Indiana

Indiana Sheriff Logo

In Indiana, when a home is foreclosed by a bank for nonpayment of the mortgage the county sheriff is tasked with selling that home via a public auction. These sales are usually attended by bank representatives as well as members of the general public who purchase distressed properties for both personal and investment reasons. While on the surface these sales may seem

Improving Food Pantry Services in Evansville

Evansville Emergency Food Pantry Consortium

More than 50 million people in America struggle to put food on the table, and one in six faces hunger. In Evansville, the Evansville Emergency Food Pantry Consortium (EEFPC) works to alleviate some of this hunger through the member food pantries. The Need of the EEFPC Keeping track of the various recipients of food pantry offerings, however, is a daunting task. In

Purple Aces Hall of Fame Goes Digital

UE Athletics Hall of Fame

Most colleges and universities have a hall of fame honoring former student-athletes as well as coaches, staff members and friends of the program for their contributions to their school’s sports tradition. However, most halls of fame induct their classes each year and then assign them to the annals of history. Only those most dedicated to learning the school’s sports history make the

Establishing a Hosted Environment for Multiple Locations

tri state bearing

As a supplier of industrial bearings, chains, gaskets, and gears, Tri-State Bearing serves a wide range of businesses in eight locations. In order to better serve their customer base, Tri-State Bearing sought to improve connectivity between their eight locations and provide improved business continuity and disaster recovery by moving their technology into the cloud. Instead of upgrading hardware and infrastructure at each

Establishing a Stronger Infrastructure in an Existing Space

evansville rescue mission

Since its founding in 1917, the Evansville Rescue Mission has served and sheltered the underprivileged and homeless in Evansville. As the oldest and largest mission of its kind in the Tri-State area, the Evansville Rescue Mission consistently seeks to serve an ever-growing group of people in need. When the opportunity arose to expand into a larger facility, ERM called upon Lieberman Technologies

Using Technology to Bring a Company into Compliance

material recycling compliance

Scrap metal recycling is big business, particularly with regard to valuable metals such as copper, brass, and aluminum. However, because of the relative value of such metals, an entire industry has sprung up around the unlawful collection of these materials for sale to recyclers. To combat this growing trend, the state of Indiana has set forth rules and regulations that clearly delineate

A Touchscreen Kiosk for Evansville High School Hall of Fame

memorial high school hall of fame

Founded in 1925, Reitz Memorial High School has provided a well-rounded Catholic education for thousands of students over the years. When Memorial decided to initiate a Hall of Fame for its alumni athletes, they turned to Lieberman Technologies to make the display for the class unique, memorable, and interactive. The inaugural Hall of Fame class, inducted in the spring of 2012, is

Monitoring and Collecting Tax Warrants

vanderburgh county sheriff

When the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office wanted to simplify the process of tracking, monitoring and collecting tax warrants issued by the state, they turned to Lieberman Technologies. “Before Lieberman, it was a very laborious process,” relates Chief Deputy Eric Williams. “We would get boxes of paper each week and dozens of fields on each page had to be re-keyed into our computer

A Customized Scheduling Software for Magnetic Image

When scheduling their video work and editing room calendars became a problem, David Jones, President of Magnetic Image, a local video production company, contacted Lieberman Technologies. “We used to use multiple wall calendars to schedule our projects. After looking at “off the shelf” solutions for our industry, we found it less expensive and a better solution to have Lieberman write a customized