Choosing the Right Office 365 Email Solution

Electronic business communication can trace its roots back to 1971, when Ray Tomlinson sent the very first network email. It might not surprise you to learn that the development of email was part of a larger project authorized by the US Defense Department to connect computers in multiple defense locations. Like many of the things we take for granted, the military developed it for themselves first.

(Fun fact: Tomlinson is also credited with choosing the @ symbol to signify the location in email addresses.)

choose the right office 365 email solution

Fast-forward 45-plus years and email is everywhere. As a business tool, email has overtaken many traditional forms of communication, mainly due to its speed. Postal mail is called “snail mail” for a reason. But not all email is created equal. What does a business need to consider when choosing an email solution?

Email That Fits Your Business

In the years since that first electronic communication made its way out of the military sphere and into the mainstream, modern business options have continued to evolve. Email solutions have moved away from single-purchase, perpetual-license solutions and toward cloud-based subscriptions. The options available with a cloud-based subscription allow you to tailor an email package that best fits your company’s needs.

Regardless whether your employees are located in a single office or spread over many locations, access to email is critical. As part of Office 365, Microsoft’s Exchange Online provides a secure email solution with numerous options to choose from, allowing your employees to send and receive email from anywhere.

Unlike a self-hosted on-premise solution, Exchange Online is accessible from anywhere, and provides businesses with certain benefits:

If you want a secure option for your email, with minimal downtime, that allows your employees access from any location, consider Office 365’s Exchange Online.

Email as a SaaS Solution

In 1971, there was no way Ray Tomlinson could have known the impact that first email message (rumored to be simply “QWERTYUIOP”) would eventually have on the business world. Email is a critical part of business today, and every company must consider how to deliver and protect the information relayed in this way. Email services delivered in the cloud present the most secure option.

Companies using Office 365 for basic business functions such as word processing or spreadsheets receive the benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), including decreased costs and greater productivity. For small and midsize companies, a subscription-based service such as this can help businesses to compete with the larger players in their industry.   Still, the options available to business for Office 365 and the Exchange Online email solution can border on confusing. You would be wise to consult your trusted IT service provider to determine which pieces are right for your company

Moving to a SaaS email solution frees your business from the tyranny of equipment purchases, maintenance, and upgrades. Just think how much more efficiently your company could operate without the upfront costs and updates that come with managing your own infrastructure.

Lieberman Technologies can help your company to determine whether to purchase Exchange Online as a standalone or as part of a larger subscription. We can help you select from the various components of Office 365 to create a plan that will benefit your business. Contact us!