Contactless Restaurant Ordering with QuickTime Menu

Cleaning and disinfecting restaurant surfaces is a constant challenge under normal circumstances. COVID-19 has created a greater awareness of hygiene for everyone.

Limited contact and social distancing will be the norm for the foreseeable future, even as retailers and restaurants open again. Restaurants resuming dine-in operations will need to place a priority on the safety of both guests and staff. This is especially true when it comes to handheld menus.

Cleaning and sanitizing menus between customers may be impractical, particularly during busy periods. Disposable, one-time-use menus can be expensive and making changes can be time-consuming. A better option is the contactless menu.


Contactless Menus With QuickTimeMenu


Ordering Meals With a Contactless Menu

Lieberman Technologies has developed a contactless menu website to help restaurants replace handheld menus during the first phase of reopening for dine-in eating. This website, Quick Time Menu ( allows a restaurant to upload a PDF version of their menu. From this upload, QTmenu will produce a QR code to print out and post. Patrons will use their smartphone to scan the QR code and view the menu. In addition to the QR code, the URL link to the menu will be available for those who are unable to scan the code.

For customers who want to use their laptop or PC to view menus for carryout, QTmenu will display menus for all restaurants that use the service. Customers can contact the restaurant of their choice and place their order.

QTmenu will provide the most current version of a restaurant’s menu based upon the information given to the site. Restaurants can upload menu changes as often as they need, at no additional charge, in order to stay up to date.

Getting Started with QuickTime Menu

If you are a restaurant owner or manager who wants to eliminate the need to constantly sanitize handheld menus, contact Lieberman Technologies. We can help you to set up an account on QTmenu and upload a PDF of your restaurant’s menu. Once your menu is uploaded, we will generate a unique QR code and URL for your restaurant, which you can then print out and distribute.

Post your QR code at the entrance to your building and at each table. Make it available on your carryout menus. Your QR code and URL will allow your customers to view the latest version of your menu and place an order without contact.

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