Is Content Marketing Important for Small Businesses?

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “content marketing” kicked around recently, and you’ve thought that it sounded like an important and complicated thing that your business must have. But what is it, and where do you begin to get it?

“Content Marketing” is business jargon-speak for communicating with your customers across a variety of platforms.

The content is your message, and the marketing is how you get that message out. Business today relies on many avenues to connect with customers, and it’s important to make sure the message is cohesive across every medium.

Another way to look at content marketing is to frame it as “soft selling” – make your message useful to your customer, but don’t try to press for sales every time. Examine your customers from the standpoint of what interests them and present them with material that feeds that interest, particularly as it ties in to what your business has to offer. After all, what better way to engage your customers than creating content that appeals to them?

Of particular use in the area of content marketing is a blog. Blogs have been part of the communications landscape for a while now, and often they are an overlooked resource in favor of the newest gimmick out there. But a blog is a platform for real, meaningful connection to your customers, allowing you to inform, educate, entertain, and yes, subtly sell.

Why is Lieberman Technologies, a technology company, telling you about blogs and content marketing?

One of our service offerings is website development, and blogs are a part of many websites. Good, solid blog content can help a website rise in search engine results. A blog is a commitment, however. A blog post once in a blue moon is not going to be engaging or relevant; consistency is key. Regular posts on a variety of topics will garner more attention and build a positive image, and this will come back to your business in the form of trust and repeat business.

If a blog sounds like a good idea to enhance your company’s image and message, contact Lieberman Technologies. We can help you create and curate content for a blog, and track and measure the response your content receives.