A Customized Scheduling Software for Magnetic Image

When scheduling their video work and editing room calendars became a problem, David Jones, President of Magnetic Image, a local video production company, contacted Lieberman Technologies. “We used to use multiple wall calendars to schedule our projects. After looking at “off the shelf” solutions for our industry, we found it less expensive and a better solution to have Lieberman write a customized scheduling software for us.”

Lieberman wrote an MS Access program to allow them to manage their schedule and make on-the-fly adjustments just the way they like to operate. Magnetic Image was able to eliminate the large wall calendars and endless erasing and rewriting that had sometimes resulted in inaccurate schedules and inefficient use of time and resources.

“We had a great experience working with Lieberman Technologies,” recalls Jones. “From the concept to the final phase of software development, we were impressed with the professionalism each step of the way. They were able to take our problems and find solutions for them by creating a software program that met our needs. We’re now able to see at a glance what blocks of time are vacant and when we have projects booked. It’s also enabled us to schedule our employees, as well as projects.”

The relationship didn’t end there, though. Magnetic Image has come to rely on Lieberman’s ingenuity, technical expertise and superior customer service for more than software.

“I can’t say enough about the tech support and responsiveness to our computer needs. Our relationship with Lieberman Technologies first began over developing our scheduling software, and has grown into them handling the wiring and maintenance of our office computer system. We’ve been very pleased with all aspects of their service.”