Data Backups: Planning For the Unexpected

With the beginning of a new year, many people vow to change old habits – losing weight and getting in shape are the most popular resolutions. Lieberman Technologies has a suggestion for your computing life: regular and consistent backups to an offsite location.

data backups

Lieberman Technologies can help you with regular, automatic, offsite backups

Loss of data can occur for any number of reasons — hardware failure, power surges, natural disasters, stolen or lost computers, viruses and malware, human error – and this data loss can be devastating to a business.

While you can’t really plan for a disaster, you can take steps to minimize the impact. Loss of data can and does happen, and if your files aren’t regularly backed up offsite, they do not exist anywhere except on your computer.

Why a regular, scheduled offsite backup? We find that many companies manage their backups of their systems using an unsecure methodology. They backup the wrong data and files. They rotate their backup media. They leave their backup copy at the place of work. And sometimes, they fail to even make a backup. Such inconsistency leaves a business vulnerable. If a business backs up the computer operating system but not the data, then lost files cannot be recovered. Rotating backup media results in confusion when attempting to locate data. A backup copy left at the place of business can be destroyed if there is a fire or other disaster. And failure to make a backup means that lost files are lost for good.

All of these are compelling reasons to use Lieberman Technologies for backing up your data. Regular, automatic, offsite backups are the best way to protect your data and your business from unforeseen catastrophe. Offsite backup will allow you to keep original files and copies of files for an indefinite period of time. Finally, structuring your hierarchical directory tree is critical to insuring that all you wish to backup is actually backed up.

With automated offsite backup, you provide your business with an essential safety net against disaster. If you need assistance with any of these concepts, contact us or give us a call at 812-434-6600.