Datto Alto: Business Continuity for Small Business

As a small business owner, it’s likely you are using some type of data protection strategy to guard against data loss. However, data protection is only half the story. The other half is minimizing downtime. No matter how well you’ve protected your business’ data, that protection can be useless if you are unable to access it. Every minute, every hour, every day that you are unable to retrieve your protected and stored data affects your bottom line. Business continuity must focus on minimizing downtime, and it is especially critical for small businesses like yours. Recently, we shared our decision to partner with Datto, a business continuity solution focusing exclusively on small to medium business. Datto’s hybrid cloud virtualization is coupled with proprietary hardware devices in order to provide seamless data protection. The Datto Alto is one such device.

Datto Alto for Small Business Continuity

What is Datto Alto?

Datto Alto is an appliance that installs in your network environment that captures and backs up your business data, storing it locally and in the cloud. Designed specifically for small businesses, Datto’s Alto appliance makes backups and business continuity available, no matter what happens. First, if your business experiences a power outage or data loss, Alto allows you to recover your data quickly. Secondly, if your facility is damaged and unusable, your business data is available in the cloud. You can resume business in a new location with new equipment, if necessary. And finally, if your business is displaced for an extended period, Datto provides 30 days of off-site virtualization at no additional cost, giving you time to repair or replace your facility.

Alto comes in two formats. The Alto 2 is small (five inches square) and relatively light (three pounds), taking up a minimal amount of space. The larger Alto XL can meet the demands of data protection on a server. Both devices provide seamless data protection and recovery as needed. For small to midsize businesses, Datto Alto can mean the difference between downtime and business as usual.

Datto Alto features:

  • 1TB  to 24TB local storage capacity
  • Instant virtualization 
  • Granular agent syncing
  • Local and off-site file level restore
  • Inverse chain technology 
  • Screenshot backup verification
  • Unlimited cloud storage capabilities
  • 24/7/365 tech support
  • Broad operating system support
  • Better bare metal restore capabilities
  • Hybrid cloud technology
  • 30 days of Off-Site Virtualization per year

Why Datto Alto?

Many business continuity providers focus exclusively on large business, ignoring the data protection and recovery needs of small business. However, companies with fewer than 20 employees makeup nearly 90% of the businesses in the United States and employ approximately 60% of the workforce. With stats like that, you can see why protection of small business data is critical.

Datto Alto is an image-based backup solution, which takes full images of machines instead of just backing up files and folders. These backed up images allow a company to restore not just single files, but entire systems and networks quickly. Without the ability for quick recovery, downtime can be devastating for small business. Datto Alto offers an additional layer of protection against downtime.

Smart Business Continuity

Whether your business is a single employee with a workstation or a Local Area Network (LAN) with multiple employees, Datto Alto is the answer to your business continuity needs. The options available through Datto Alto are designed to meet the unique needs of small business. For data protection and business continuity that fits into your small business budget, contact Lieberman Technologies.