It’s All About the Bottom Line.

At our core, we understand business and business processes. We also understand how and when technology can be used to make things better.  We don’t look at making things better just to use technology; we look at it from the perspective of improving the bottom line. If you’re a for-profit business, it may be that you’re looking at improving profitability. If you’re a non-profit service organization, it may be that you’re looking at how you can improve the quality of your services or expand the number of clients you can serve without increasing your expenses.

At Lieberman Technologies, one of our key specializations is software and web development. We develop software and websites that improve how business works. We have experience developing various types of systems – point-of-sale systems, interactive voice response systems, business support systems, web-based transactional systems, and ecommerce websites, just to name a few. We’ve broken down our descriptions to the areas listed below, but that isn’t the extent of our abilities. If you need something highly specialized, let us hear about it.