Mobile Apps

Award-Winning Smartphone and Mobile App Development in Evansville

As the world increasingly embraces mobile technologies, having a mobile app has become less of a luxury and more of a necessity. The designers and developers at Lieberman Technologies in Evansville have built award-winning mobile apps for local businesses and organizations, helping to boost visibility, provide unique services, and offer better support for users who want to use their phones and tablets to interact with media.

Custom Smartphone Apps

A custom smartphone app can bring your website functionality to a mobile framework, supplement existing content with an interactive experience, or create something unique to reach a rapidly-expanding audience. The Lieberman Technologies Web Services team produces award-winning, high-quality optimized apps, publishes them to the appropriate marketplace  and provides ongoing support and attention to your needs and those of your audience.

We have experience designing and developing mobile apps for all models of phone and tablet, and can build apps for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile operating systems. Our apps can be found on Google Play, iTunes, Windows Phone, and the Kindle Store.

Do you need help with a mobile / smartphone app?