System Conversion

Do you need to change or upgrade the delivery of information in your company?

In business, information can often be fluid.  While the data doesn’t change, equipment upgrades and system changes can make it difficult to utilize the data properly.  At Lieberman Technologies, we can help you to maintain your data as well as better utilize it.  For example, we can analyze a complex spreadsheet application and convert it into a structure program using Microsoft Access. We can also take data from a legacy system and convert it to a different type of data base.  We can even upgrade an existing piece of software that no longer runs on your system because you’ve upgraded your hardware.  In short, we can help.

We have experience in:

  • Moving from platform to platform
  • Data  mining
  • Excel to Access and query languages/ sql
  • Flat files to data base
  • Language to language
  • Special DOD security high level code to the planet Mars language
  • Writing software to interface different types of equipment

Let us help you keep the information flowing.