Web Applications

Would a custom web application help you be more competitive, cut costs, and improve ROI?

Custom web applications can help to streamline your business process, allowing you to conduct business more efficiently.  Since 1995, Lieberman Technologies has used our extensive experience in developing advanced systems to help businesses remain competitive.  Now you can process complex business logic with large amounts of data and transactions, using an application custom-designed for your company. We can take your project from the white board to reality with an innovative, trustworthy solution that compliments your most complicated business ideas.

Example Web Application Projects:

Need: A construction company wanted to streamline workflow and data management while reducing operating costs, while also taking the management of their sales leads to a paperless environment.

Solution: Our team designed and developed a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database application to track customers from sales lead through completion, create work orders, and guide project workflow.

Need: A financial institution needed to provide a full service online banking solution to its customers, while keeping their data secure.

Solution: Our team pioneered a full-scale web application that allowed the bank customers to view account balances, funds transfer, transaction histories, canceled check images and bill payment service.