Web Enablement

Do you have a software system that meets your needs, but needs to work in a web browser?

We call this Web Enablement.

If your business is running older software that does everything you need, but still looks like a text-based green screen, web enablement can make your software more user-friendly.  Complex spreadsheets and Microsoft Access programs can be rebuilt to work on the web, and there is no need to replace entire software systems containing years of historical data and key logic.  Lieberman Technologies can build a web front-end for legacy software systems – essentially putting a web-wrapper around existing software so that users can access the system using a web browser.  This allows your business to continue with your established software, combining cost savings with improved function.

The video kiosk developed by Lieberman Technologies makes the Hall of Fame experience come alive. It is a fitting way to highlight the many great athletes we’ve had come through here over the years.

– Bruce Dockery, Athletic Director / Reitz Memorial High School