Internet Advertising

Bring your message to the world and to your audience

As an ever-increasing number of people consume information through digital media, your business needs to explore every digital platform available to reach customers. But how do you know which digital advertising method makes sense for your business plan? The digital marketing strategists at Lieberman Technologies understand digital media and have extensive experience in advertising and marketing strategy. We can help design and execute a campaign that uses your current advertising message and expands your reach to a new, receptive audience.

Internet Advertising Toolbox

Online, Search, Social, Video? We’ve got you covered.

  1. We are certified in Google AdWords, and work with Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search and display advertising platforms.
  2. We provide and manage online video campaigns through Youtube.
  3. We can help optimize your eCommerce offerings to take advantage of special Product Listing Ads and Shopping campaigns to maximize revenue
  4. We provide consultation and campaign setup and monitoring for social media advertising, including Facebook ads and promoted posts, Twitter advertising, and LinkedIn targeting.
  5. We can design and create digital ads to meet the exact specifications of local media advertising platforms.

Follow the Money

We can accurately and quickly show how effective your advertising is at driving qualified leads to your website and converting them into real-world value. We don’t set it and forget it – Lieberman Technologies believes in active monitoring and making necessary changes to improve your advertising return, and in constantly growing your business through digital advertising.