Content Marketing

Bringing new and relevant visitors to your website is one of the chief goals of every business looking to grow. Any effective strategy for achieving this should be multi-faceted and tailored to the unique context of the relationship between the company and the customer. We believe that the proper way to approach this relationship, using the tools of technology, involves the creation of new and relevant digital content in concert with on-site search engine optimization.

Content is not simply information.

Quality content would be that which answers specific questions, provides value, or otherwise engages the customer on an intellectual and/or emotional level. When viewed like a relationship, quality content is the substance that keeps the conversation flowing and the engagement growing.

Search Engines like Google and Bing have recognized this and developed more complex algorithms to reward websites with high quality content. How do they provide these rewards? They do so by ranking websites with quality content higher than ones designed by older SEO strategies.

Create content with your customers in mind.

With computer programs that follow specific rules, there are often ways to exploit those rules to game the system. As the tools become more nuanced and humanized, the approach to earn more traffic must focus on the human element. How others in your social network respond to content is now influencing how the search engines display your results. By developing content that people care about, your website will have a much greater chance at being ranked higher (organically) than focusing on SEO techniques alone.

By developing regular and relevant content for your website, you can expect a higher level of engagement with your customers. With a customized digital content marketing strategy, you can also re-purpose your content for distribution on other channels of communication, including social media.

You can explore our blog or contact our digital marketing department directly for further information about designing a digital marketing blueprint for your company.