Social Media Strategy

In today’s climate, it is a reality that some of your customers utilize at least one of the growing instruments of social media. These tools help to connect people. Very often, there is often an online conversation already happening regarding your industry (and perhaps even your business).

Wouldn’t you like to have a better sense of how to properly engage in that conversation?

In our view, social media is not a strategy, in and of itself. “Social” is simply something that is designed for and connected with society, while “media” is just an instrument of communication, like a newspaper or a radio. So, “social media” is a set of tools that we use to connect further with each other, our communities, and our larger society.

Our approach to using social media tools focuses on having valuable and useful content to share on these channels. This content cannot be simply made up of sales pitches. Successful companies are viewed as experts in their field. Therefore, an effective social media strategy involves a content strategy that helps to establish that expertise and credibility. This is enhanced by curating (collecting and sharing) relevant content from other credible sources as well.

We were able to implement a few things you mentioned and our numbers for people reached are up 249%!!!

– Lisa Wallace, NewsNow Dubois County

Our focus still revolves around the human aspect of using these tools. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and the like are instruments for connecting people. Your tone and manner can be adjusted to suit the specific channel that you are on, but your voice needs to ring true to the culture and values of your business. With our help, we would love to show you how these social media instruments can be best used for you.