Do I Need a New Website?

Your website is arguably the workhorse of your business marketing plan. If you’re like most businesses, your marketing efforts drive customers and potential customers to your website. What greets them when they arrive at your web address can help you to win customers… or not.

Websites should change and adapt as your business grows and/or changes. That’s why you should review your website often, and objectively. How do you know if your website serves its intended purpose? And how do you know if you need a new website?

Do I Need a New Website?

Questions to Ask

If you’re not sure that your website is effective, ask yourself these questions:

Does my website meet my current business needs?

Website objectives can and do change over time, particularly as your business changes. What may have begun as an informational website may not meet your customers’ needs now. Examine your objectives for your website very carefully. Do you want it to answer visitor questions? Help you to set appointments? Sell a product? Help visitors to find your business in one or more locations? Your website can do a great deal to assist your business, but you must be very clear on what your needs are.

Can I update my site easily?

Modern websites should not require an advanced degree to update. When your business hours or location changes or you add a new product or service, you should be able to update that information yourself. Platforms such as WordPress are designed to make it very easy for business owners to update site content and images as needed.

Is my site mobile-friendly?

How your website appears on a smartphone or tablet is very important in today’s increasingly mobile world. More than 75% of Americans own a smartphone, which means that your site needs to be easy to view and navigate on a screen that is, on average, less than five inches long.  A mobile-friendly website makes it possible for your customers to find and connect with you no matter where they are.

Is my site secure?

Site security is important for a couple of reasons. First, your site must be secure to protect your visitors. Secondly, your site’s security is directly related to your business’ reputation. Protect the exchange of information between your site and your visitors, and you will earn their trust. Without a secure site, you’re setting your business up for hacking, downtime, and embarrassment.

Committing to a New Website

Once you’ve considered these questions, you may decide that a new website is the way to go for your business. But how will you know when it’s done?

The timeline for developing a new website will vary depending on what your needs are, so don’t judge its developmental progress by what another business owner has experienced. A good web developer will make sure your site meets your objectives and strive to launch it in a mutually-agreed time frame. Your website reflects your business values and your commitment to your customers, so it’s important to get it right.

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