Get Email Notification of Facebook Comments on Your WordPress Site

Like many site owners and WordPress websites, we at Lieberman Technologies were using Facebook Comments to encourage conversation on our WordPress blog. The Facebook Comment system worked great for things like authentication, spam prevention and even sharing. What it didn’t do was send email notification to a moderator when a comment was posted to the blog.

So we took that problem and created a solution with a WordPress plugin, titled Facebook Comments Notifier. This plugin adds the Facebook Comment social plugin in place of the default WordPress comments and creates email notifications on successfully posted comments. The email notification includes a time stamp of the submission, the commenter’s name, the comment test, and a link back to the page that the received the comment. If Facebook Comments are already in place on your WordPress site, this plugin will perform the email notification functionality.

The plugin’s settings area allows for configurable items such as Facebook AppID and the recipient email(s). You can send notifications to more than one recipient. By default, the plugin will email notifications to the site’s admin email address. A Facebook AppID is not required.

facebook comment notifier for wordpress

Click here to download the WordPress plugin.

As we’ve talked about in this space before, WordPress is a great content managment system that allows for the development of websites of varying complexity.  This new plugin will add to the roster of tools available to WordPress users, making websites even easier to manage.