Email Phishing Alert: “Your American Express Forgotten User ID”

Recently we have seen a few emails related to the same phishing attempt make it through our email antispam filter service.

Details of the AMEX phishing email scam.

  • The email appears to be from American Express with a spoofed email address of
  • The subject line is Your American Express Forgotten User ID.
  • The links embedded in the email do not go to an American Express website. They point to a website.

If you are using Outlook, you can preview the link URL by hovering your mouse over the hyperlink before clicking.

hover over link in outlook to see URL

hover over a link in Outlook to preview the actual website address

Here is a screen shot of this particular email. If you received it or one similar to it, do not click on the the links.


screenshot of the phishing email presenting itself as “AMEX”

A word of caution when dealing with financial institutions online.

Banks and credit card companies will not ask you to verify account information like social security number, account ID, or date of birth via email. Also, if you don’t have services from the company then don’t click on the link.