Establishing a Stronger Infrastructure in an Existing Space

evansville rescue mission

Since its founding in 1917, the Evansville Rescue Mission has served and sheltered the underprivileged and homeless in Evansville. As the oldest and largest mission of its kind in the Tri-State area, the Evansville Rescue Mission consistently seeks to serve an ever-growing group of people in need. When the opportunity arose to expand into a larger facility, ERM called upon Lieberman Technologies to assist with building a strong infrastructure for their communications.

Evansville Rescue Mission Drumstick Dash

Some of our team that didn’t run cables ran in the annual Drumstick Dash.

Lieberman Technologies reviewed the technology needs of ERM with several customer-stated goals in mind. Because ERM’s new administrative space was a newly designed area within an existing building, work had to be done within the context of existing construction.

Lieberman’s design consultation for the placement of ERM’s servers served to establish the requirements for the server room, which included a full server rack and a potential cooling solution. ERM also sought Lieberman’s expertise on network security, including establishing a wireless solution for a remote location. ERM’s needs for network security were assessed and Lieberman proposed and helped to implement wireless equipment for business wireless access for a remote location.

The New Phone Systems Benefited from the New Network

A new VoIP phone system installed by an outside vendor benefitted from Lieberman’s design of the network supporting the phone system. Lieberman installed and configured the router and switches that allowed secure communication of both data and voice between sites, working with the VoIP provider to make sure the design worked with the VoIP phone system’s needs.

Because ERM has multiple locations, another concern was improving the site-to-site connectivity between these locations. Lieberman solved this issue with a combination of site-to-site VPN and point-to-point fiber network.

Good Customer Service Equals a Happy CEO

Tracy Gorman, President and CEO of the Evansville Rescue Mission, has been very pleased with the service the Mission received in this project: “Our friends at Lieberman Technologies provided the professional and technical expertise we needed as we were constructing our new campus, and they continue to assist us in our daily operations as we need their help and guidance. Their technicians are always on time, professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and eager to help provide the expert servicing we require.”

The Evansville Rescue Mission moved into their new administrative space in December of 2012, with an improved infrastructure designed and implemented by Lieberman Technologies.