Facebook Announces Video Chat and More

Last week Google stole the show in with the beta launch of their social networking site, Google+. Well today it’s Facebook’s turn.

Today in a live broadcast event, Facebook announced they will be rolling out some new advances and features over the coming weeks. Today’s announced features include:

  • facebookGroup Chat
    Create ad hoc groups to create a group chat from one click within your friends list.
  • New Chat Design
    A new design for the chat layout to help determine who is online. The chat design will be in a sidebar if you browser size is wide enough to support the width.
  • Video Calling
    Partnering with Skype. Does require a plugin to use. Facebook claims a connection can be established in under 30 seconds on any broadband connection. http://www.facebook.com/videocalling

Roll out for these features are expected today, Wednesday July 6, 2011.

Also modestly announced were some social statistics

  • Facebook has hit 750 million users
  • 4 billion things shared per day