Facebook Fan Pages: A Primer for Businesses

Social networking has the potential to be all-consuming, particularly if you get caught up in the bells-and-whistles portion of social media marketing. Far and away, the largest social medium is Facebook, and no matter how you feel about social networks, joining in can benefit your business. By keeping these best practices in mind, you can establish and maintain a Facebook presence without it consuming too much of your time.

  1.  Build both a personal page and a fan page.
    Yes, you say, building a fan page makes sense. But a personal page to promote my business? Think of it this way:  those who know you personally through business are going to be your best sources for sharing business-related information.  Build on the goodwill you’ve established with your business contacts. If the content you post has merit in the public sector, it will get shared. That said…
  2. Make your personal profile public.
    You may be hesitant to open up your personal page to viewing by everyone, literally, with an internet connection, but the public only sees what you choose to make public.
  3. Ask for response.
    It’s not enough to just post compelling content. You want your fans to be engaged. Ask your readers to “like” posts.  Ask for comments. Ask for shares. Don’t be shy!  By the same token, however, don’t beg for response, every single time. A subtle suggestion (“What do you think?” or “’Like’ this post if you agree!”) is enough.
  4. On your wall, content is king.
    This is where bells-and-whistles come into play. You can spend a great deal of time setting up your fan page with lots of little extras (tabs, apps, page design), but in reality, most of your fans won’t visit your page to see them.  Content is what shows up on your fans’ newsfeeds. Content is what informs and engages people, and you are better served by creating relevant content than making your page look pretty.
  5. Share images.
    Not all content needs to consist of words. Some of the most engaged post we have shared at Lieberman Technologies have been images taken around the office.
  6. What interests you?  Make a list.
    Facebook offers a way for users to create a page of interests, which places everything at your fingertips. If you have a page of interests, you have a means to quickly comment, share, or like on these pages, and with everything in one place, you only need to visit it once per day. Engagement with other pages can result in increased engagement on your own page.
  7. Promote your content.
    Facebook has the option of buying ads to promote individual posts, which gives your status updates greater exposure to your followers. Since your followers already like you, promoted posts are a good way to build additional rapport with your fans.
  8. The “Like” button is your friend.
    Put the Facebook “Like” button everywhere — your website, your blog, your email, your newsletters – to make people aware of your Facebook presence and invite them to like your page.
  9. Get some Insight.
    Facebook has an analytics tool called Insights, which illuminates which posts have been the most engaging with your fans.  Spend some time with these stats. Studying the types of content that got the biggest reaction and measuring the response you get from different posts will help you to tailor future content.

As part of your marketing mix, Facebook can be a great benefit to your business. Precise, focused engagement in social media is a small investment in your daily routine that can reap rewards in many ways.

How do you use Facebook to promote yourself or your business?