Four and a Half Questions with Brad Kemp

Name:Brad Kemp
Position/Job Title:Senior Software Engineer
Degree(s)/Certification(s):Associate Degree in Computer Science from IVY Tech
LT Team Member Since:2011
Main Job Responsibility:I create applications to help customers solve a problem or help streamline their processes -- anything from scalable enterprise application to simple data recording systems.
Social Media:LinkedIn / Twitter /

brad kemp

One : How did your career path bring you to LT?

I guess it really started about 14 years ago when I was working at a factory job and didn’t see much room for advancement and really was not happy. So after listening to my wife and another guy at work that I respected, I quit my factory job, went back to school for computers and started working for Pat at World Connection Services. While there, I was contracted to GE Plastics to do in house web development for about 4 years. During that time I learned a lot about programming, building applications and programming logic. When it was time for me to leave GE Plastics I came back to the company which had changed its name and was now Cinergy Communications. I was folded into a programming group called ICG (Internet Consulting Group). The ICG was where I learned customer interaction and gained experience building applications in different programming languages. Sometime in late 2011 Cinergy Communications, which had become Norlight, was purchased by a company called Windstream. Since Windsteam is mostly a communication/cable company, their business model did not include a software development team and they were going to let our group and our affiliated customers go. After learning this, Pat contacted Lieberman Technologies and presented them with an opportunity for a way to expand the business. So in the winter of 2011 most of our group from Norlight and most of our customers came to work for LT.

Two : What’s your favorite thing about working at LT?

I get to find solutions for customers that help them streamline their business or solve issues they might be facing.

Three : Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in what I would consider a rural area. A lot of my time was spent trekking around in the woods behind our house. I went to high school at Boonville High School and waited 7 years before I finally went back to college, which I do not recommend. I have a 15 year old son and have been married for over 19 years, to a wonderful woman that I met when I was 15 at a church camp.

Four : What does life look like away from the office?

I am the Associate Pastor at Boonville Worship Center in Boonville, Indiana and do most of the computer maintenance and planning for the church. I also direct the projector ministry team and the deacon team. One of my hobbies is photography, and you’ll find me behind the lens taking pictures at different church functions, at church camp, or while I’m just out and about. Currently we have a foreign exchange student with us, so a good portion of my time is trying to show him as much of America as I can, or at least that southern Indiana can offer. I enjoy playing video games with my son and watching what I would consider geek movies with him. I am a big Doctor Who fan and have seen every episode.

Four and a Half : Would you rather have a pause button or a rewind button on your life?

A pause button. The decisions we make influence the direction our life goes and it would be nice to have some extra time to make the right decisions.