Four and a Half Questions with Brian Bates

Name:Brian Bates
Position/Job Title:Software Engineer
Degree(s)/Certification(s):BS in Computer Science from USI
LT Team Member Since:2014
Main Job Responsibility:I solve our customers’ problems by developing computer application based solutions.
Social Media:LinkedIn / Google+ / Facebook / Twitter /

LTnow Brian Bates

One : How did your career path bring you to LT?

After finishing my degree at USI, I was on the hunt for a new job that would utilize my new credentials and also be personally rewarding. I had worked at Schnucks for almost 12 years (it was my first job) and I was ready to make the jump. I was introduced to a possible position with Lieberman Technologies and followed through with the opportunity and I am very glad I did.

Two : What’s your favorite thing about working at LT?

My favorite thing about working at LT is the people, both in the office and the customers we serve. The people I work with are great. We collaborate well, have fun, and most importantly, we get the job done. Also, with my 12 years in customer service, I know that each customer’s experience is a huge factor in determining if the customer is going to give us repeat business and if he or she is likely to recommend us to others. With this in mind, I ensure my work is top quality before it makes its way out to our customers.

Three : Tell us about yourself.

I am an Evansville, IN native, born and raised. My sister and I had the best parents growing up, always encouraging us and making sure we were doing our best and getting involved. I chose to go to USI in 2004 so I could stay close to family and friends after high school. Since I was working while going to school (and the occasional need to be lazy), I did not graduate until 2013 (it’s okay though, I got to learn some valuable and expensive lessons along the way). After being rather awkward growing up, I met my future wife at USI in the freshman chemistry class and lab we both had. Although there was some kind of “chemistry” going on, I did not get the courage to ask her out for another three years. Being with her has been the best thing to happen in my life for a long time. Now we are starting our own family and in October we will have our first child, a baby girl.

Four : What does life look like away from the office?

Lately, my life outside of work has been getting our new house ready to move into (cleaning, painting, etc.). I like to kill time by reading or playing the occasional video game, but mostly I just spend time with my wife watching TV (although, I am sure all this will change when the baby comes). Hobby wise, a friend and I are experimenting with video game programming and determining if we can release a finished product. We are also trying to give back to this great community with an event called Coderdojo. This is an open source, volunteer led, global movement of free coding clubs for young people. I am hoping to give kids the opportunity to have the coding experience I wish I had at that young age. There are different “dojos” around the world, and we are going to have the first one in Evansville on August 30th at 11:00am. Anyone interested can visit the Facebook page for the event here.

Four and a Half : The Great Toilet Paper Debate: over or under?

Always over, always.