Four and a Half Questions with Phil Lieberman

Name:Phil Lieberman
Position/Job Title:Partner
Degree(s)/Certification(s):BSIM (Industrial Management), Purdue University
MBA, University of Evansville
LT Team Member Since:1977
Main Job Responsibility:I manage the projects that involve fiscal matters – and it's easy because my direct reports are fantastic and have a take-charge attitude. These clients include sheriff foreclosure sales, managing funds given by the Vanderburgh County Commissioners and Council for child care, and financial reports and management for non-profits.

phil lieberman

One : How did your career path bring you to LT?

I started playing with computers in 1960 when my father bought his first office computer – 8K, 32 bit memory on a drum, paper tape I/O. After college, I worked for IBM in Washington DC. In 1970, they wanted me to move to Texas. I moved to Evansville instead and spun off my father’s computer section from his accounting practice. It was called Evansville Data Processing Center. In 1977, I wanted to take on some risky projects and wanted to protect EDPC. So, I started Philip Lieberman & Associates. Actually, it should have been called Philip Lieberman because I really didn’t have anyone working with me. The company grew, I hired associates, I bought out my father’s company, acquired a partner – Stewart – morphed the company into others (such as a clinical lab), consolidated, and here we are.

Two : What’s your favorite thing about working at LT?

Watching the growth in areas I barely understand. Having the chance to take risks on developing ideas in new growth areas.

Three : Tell us about yourself.

I was born in Evansville, went to Bosse, graduated from Purdue, married and moved to Washington, had a kid, moved to Evansville, got divorced, married again, started the precursor to Lieberman Technologies in 1977, began running, got grey hair…

Four : What does life look like away from the office?

I’m an episodic kind of guy. I try different things and then move on. I’ve run a marathon, flew airplanes, climbed Ranier, ran for school board and lost. I like learning new things – some stick and some don’t.

Four and a Half : If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose and what would you do with it?

X-ray vision for obvious reasons. If that didn’t work, then the ability to fly. Oh, I’d find a cloud and fly on top of it.