Four and a Half Questions With Zandr Martin

Name:Alekzandr Martin, but I just go by Zandr
Position/Job Title:Software Engineer
Degree(s)/Certification(s):BS in Economics from USI, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Professional Accountancy from USI
LT Team Member Since:2014
Main Job Responsibility:Making our customers’ lives easier by developing new software or modifying their existing systems.

4.5Q Zandr Martin

One: How did your career path bring you to LT?

I used to be an accountant but I did not enjoy the work. I have been programming for fun on-and-off throughout my life and decided that I wanted to do it full time. I chose to focus on web development and did some freelance work to get my feet wet. One day I saw a position at LT advertised through a recruiter. I applied and managed to get an interview but didn’t have enough experience at the time. I kept learning and doing freelance work and when I saw another position at LT I applied directly. Somehow I talked my way in and here I am.

Two: What’s your favorite thing about working at LT?

I have three:

  1. I really like being able to solve problems. I love thinking my way through a complex situation and implementing an effective solution. It’s very satisfying when a customer tells me the work I’ve done resolves an issue they had.
  2. I also strongly appreciate how much I am learning here. Everyone is so knowledgeable and willing to help out. That’s especially beneficial to me as I am just starting out in this industry.
  3. We have a shower so I can ride my bike to work!

Three: Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in Evansville and now live in Mount Vernon. My family got our first home computer – an original Apple Macintosh – when I was three. I don’t really remember what life was like before the internet. I’m okay with that.

Four: What does life look like away from the office?

My life is pretty boring which is by design. Simplicity is very important to me. I like to ride my bike as much as possible. I run a little bit. I play bass guitar for fun. My wife and I have five cats, and that is a perfectly reasonable number of cats to have.

Four and a Half: If you ran away to join the circus, what would you do as a circus performer?

Something involving animals so I could ensure they were being treated humanely.