Do you have a premium or item you wish to distribute to many people?  We can help!

Sometimes, a company has a special promotion to share with customers or employees, but doesn’t have the fulfillment experience or manpower necessary to accomplish this. Lieberman Technologies can manage such a project from start to finish.

Here’s an example:  A local, national company asked Lieberman to manage the distribution of a drinking cup. The company sent 100,000 letters offering the cup to the consumer if the consumer returned the coupon with $1.35. Lieberman contracted with a company to design a shipping box around the premium, hired a local company to design the art for the box, hired a company to print the insert, engaged a local sheltered workshop to manage the labor for building the box, inserting the premium and insert, sealing, and mailing.

Lieberman managed the data base, developed a plan to minimize shipping and postage costs, developed an auditable fiscal plan to manage the receipts, provided sales report to the clients, and placed all data on the web so the client’s customer service group would have 24/7 access to all information.

We can do this for you.