The Future of Evansville Social Media Groups – #TechSocial

The Evansville, Indiana area has had a strong social media community for several years now, and judging by the number of new, local, power users on Twitter in particular, it’s only getting stronger. Tweets, retweets, and favorites have a much more local flavor on my own feed as of late, and others have reported similar experiences. But even with this new flurry of activity and interest in social media to further our local relationships, a key component in nurturing those relationships has been missing:

The large, local, IRL (in-real-life meeting).


Announcing #TechSocial

During 2013 the growth of the “Tech on Tap” group began to draw tech-interested folks to its monthly meetings. Many attendees were those social media aficionados involved in the Social Media Club of Evansville (Lieberman Technologies was a sponsor of this group). In early 2013, the Social Media Club of Evansville dissolved, leaving a void for the IRL connection that social media websites lack.

With Tech on Tap, the overlap into social media and developing a community around our common affinity continued to grow. A hole seemed to still exist for people to get together IRL and further our connections. #TechSocial is an initiative in conjunction with Tech on Tap to expand these relationships and harness the power of community, connections, and technology.

Save the Date for the First #TechSocial Meetup

We will be meeting at the Holiday Inn Evansville Airport on December 12th at 5:15 PM, to further the connection between Tech on Tap and the social media power users in Evansville and the surrounding Tri-State area.

If you care about using social technology to foster connection in our community, then you are invited to join us. To RSVP for this meeting, please use this page. Make sure to read the event details to find out what you need to prepare (it’s not huge, but it’s important). If you can’t make it, you can follow the hashtag #TechSocial during the event to get a taste of things. We will be using this event to set a path for the 2014 #TechSocial events and the role that YOU can have in making that happen.


Together, we will pursue connecting social technologies in our community. See you on 12/12.