Coming Hard Disk Drive Shortages Are Reason to Buy Now

Thailand’s tourism-crafted image as an exotic, temple and beach-filled paradise belies its’ position as one of the world’s leading industrial centers for the manufacture of components used in products around the globe. As the world’s second largest producer of hard disk drives, Thailand contributes roughly half of global hard disk drive production.

What does this mean to you? The monsoon season of 2011 produced historic flooding throughout the pacific basin, with water reaching levels unseen in nearly five decades. These floodwaters inundated hard drive manufacturing facilities (among others) in October, causing significant damage and rendering these plants unusable. As the slow-moving floodwaters begin to recede, there will be a considerable lag time in getting these manufacturing facilities up and running again.

hard drive

The ramifications of this event will be significant and far-reaching, affecting pricing and availability of hard drives at least through the first quarter of 2012 and most likely far beyond. If you have been considering upgrading or replacing a hard drive, you should do so sooner rather than later. On average, global inventory of hard drives operates on a two-month lead time, and without a new supply to refill warehouses around the globe, hard drives will be increasingly hard to come by and quite expensive.

Lieberman Technologies has access to hard drives at this point, but as the month of November moves forward into December, we anticipate availability to be sharply curtailed. Please contact us now to upgrade or replace your hard drive. Even waiting a few weeks could mean that we will be unable to meet demand for hard drives and will need to place customers on a waiting list.

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