How Can a Blog Increase Your Company’s Visibility?

Company websites have become a central feature of an overall business marketing strategy.

If your business has a website, chances are you watch traffic to your site pretty closely. After all, the people who visit your site are your customers, or at the very least potential customers, and if your site doesn’t have visitors then your business doesn’t have sales. Perhaps your website’s traffic has leveled off or even begun to decline. How do you reverse that trend?

If you’re looking for a new way to connect with customers on your site, a way to break through to the next level, or increase your site’s traffic, consider adding a blog.

A properly maintained blog can provide a wealth of content for search engines to index. The more content indexed, the more opportunities you have to rank in search results. Ranking in search results can bring about increased traffic, which can be converted to sales. The implications to your bottom line are tremendous.

Not convinced blogging drives traffic? Marketing software developer Hubspot has done diligent research on the subject of blogging and the results are compelling. Hubspot’s research indicates that companies that blog 15 or more times a month receive five times more traffic than companies without a blog. (See the full report here)

Or how about these telling facts: companies that blog see

  • 55% more web visitors
  • 97% more inbound links
  • 434% more indexed pages by search engines. (Source: Hubspot)

A website that sees that kind of activity is a website that can generate leads.

Adding a blog to a website may seem like a simple idea, but you must have a plan for it to succeed. Researching and writing blog posts takes time, and if you can’t spare the time to create your own content, you could be setting your blog up for failure. Consider hiring an outside source to create and curate blog content. Outsourcing blog content allows you to set parameters, provide a roster of topics, establish timing for posts, and oversee the entire process – all without sacrificing your valuable time or that of your employees.

If you’d like to know more about adding a blog to your website, or want to discuss outsourcing content, contact Lieberman Technologies.